Preston Smith talks Vikings’ deadly pass and run game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Vijay Swearingen

First viewer

Liam Thomas

3 videos in 2 hours😂

Andrew Volkmuth

Sup to me please and go pack go

Joe Branhagen

that chemistry has me hyped. all these videos of the guys this year seem so different than years past. much more happy!

    Steven M.

    Much agreed, it’s gonna be special… AND FUN!

Jamal Clay

Oh yea Smith and cousins play onna redskins

Steven M.

These two characters are gonna bring the heat this year, you can just feel it. Sorry Clay, we had some great times but the Packers upgraded at OLB.


Deadly? I’m not sure about that. Kirk had only 98 yards passing last week😂

    tim allen

    @Jamison.Whiskey expose Kirk ? Funny shithead Rodgers had faced Cousins 4 times and beat him once .


    Allen Kirk sucks dude. You guys should have kept Case he is better than that joke you guys paid at QB

    Zach Phillips

    700 yards 7 tds against the packers alone last year… lmao you’re a joke


Big Z !!!!! Bruh he killing me with that face💀🤣💀🤣 then he said, “your welcome” lmao. Preston you gotta get him back don’t let him off the hook lol

Yooper eh?

Z has shown to be a great leader. His personality is electric. He’s positive. U can tell this defense has a good head. Not just the talented but they are good natured people and know their job as well. The main reason i see success was the fact that during a heated game. They were serious. But also smiles having fun coming together as a unit. That’s sooooo nice to see. the offense too. Aaron was having fun again. And this is all during a barnburner and rusty offense. Let’s go pack. So excited for our first home game. Our section will be looooud as always! 119 north east side! Best beer man in the stadium too hahaha

Matt Nicholson

These two just bring a whole new vibe. Deadly combo!!


Get them petrified out there this Sunday haha!

I’m rooting for you out there Preston!

Charlie L

I don’t know if throwing the ball 10 times is very “deadly”

    Zach Phillips

    Charlie L The game didn’t call for them throw 30 times.
    But for Cousins 10 attempts he averaged9.8 yard per attempt.
    I thought a Packers fan who watched him have 700 yards and 7 tds against the packers last year would have some respect

Simple X.

These two just brings a whole different kind of vibe man. Love the additions, can’t wait to see how the rest of the season pan out.


I’m sorry but how does Larry Mccarren still have a job? He’s so fucking old and all of his questions suck. “How are you able to get off blocks? Is it natural?” Green Bay media needs some younger fresh faces.

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