Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith: ‘Make a play’ is the mindset – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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bickertonben Reply

Preston needs a C on his jersey too

Darr Darr Reply


Midwestern Mary Reply

I love this freaking team and the new defense 💛💚💛💚🏈🧀

    MrOuchiez Reply

    Agreed 100%! Also entirely ELATED they decided to keep Pettine on despite the (HIGHLY necessary) gutting of the administrative facets of the team last offseason. His settling into this team along with GM Gutes making the necessary moves to acquire the precise types (BIG, long and FAST) to excel in his scheme. Hated seeing Daniels go, but despite his high motor and incomparable swagger he was just too short and slow to be ideally effective in Pettine’s scheme. Sad, but true. Meh, Clark is absolutely BEASTLY in his stead!!! GO PACK GO!

Devin Cheatham Reply

These two dudes are super refreshing to watch play for the Packers.

    Comrade Trump Reply

    They sure are. How long has it been since this defense has been this dominant. They just gotta clean up the linebacker play and stop the run

    Kevion White Reply

    They need to secure the tackle

    Mike Canning Reply

    @Kevion White Yea that fourth down on the goal line was down right pathetic.

taypeezey444 Reply

I need to see this 3rd down video they are talking about

Tevin Isles Reply

Mr & Mr Smith lol

Gary McGregor Reply

Well done toady!


Although I like Claw Matthews but….. Zadarius and Preston don’t make you miss him

    light yagmi Reply


    Tony Parrales Reply

    I was just telling my boi dis!!!

    Davo Rebo Reply

    S DONALD don’t forget Gary .. he’s gonna be a beast in the long run .. and he’s gonna be fresh while Z and P are taking most of the reps ..

Dylan O Reply

Feel like these guys could be stars for the Packers for the next 5 years or so.

Tyron Wells Reply

I wish Mike Daniels was with us

    Simple X. Reply

    He would’ve gotten hurt again like he did today. Also the defense wanted to get faster, he was slow in my opinion.

    Sam Stenson Reply

    But he was good at stopping the run tho

    refineme Reply

    Bj raji

    refineme Reply

    Reggie white. RIP.

    MrOuchiez Reply

    Daniels is a beast, but he’s just too short and slow for Pettine’s scheme. I’m sure he’s missed in the locker room, but the Smiths and Clark are making Daniels, Perry and Matthews a rapidly fading memory.

Kj Rolle Reply

7.5 combined sacks after week 3 beastmode

Virginia Salvatierra Reply

THE SMITHS!!! 💚💛💚💛💚💛man feels good to finally have a nasty defense

Simple X. Reply

What these two beasts are doing for the Packers has been unreal. Matthews and Perry came no where close to what these two are doing for Green Bay. Nice to see a new culture of talent in Green Bay. Even Rashan Gary looks better than datone jones lol.

JM T3 Reply

This defense is wayyy better then I thought they’d be! Talk about exceeding expectations

Mattakusisgreatness Reply

I love these guys!

Amir Rasuli Reply

I friggin love these dudes

Literally Who Reply

These guys got more sacks in 3 weeks than Matthews and Perry did all last season.

mrkeitt Reply

Smith & Smith #SackFirm 💪🏾🔥

Tony Parrales Reply

I looove these 2 mean machines!!!

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