Preston and Za’Darius: ‘Make a play’ is the mindset – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Sisu Sakaali Reply

High praise for these two. Keep working 💪

Zane Reply

im in literal love with this team

The Realest Cheesehead Reply

Future Pro Bowlers Right Here

MaximillianMus' Sidekick Reply

Really couldnt stop talking about how excited I was for these two this offseason. Glad Brian Gutenkunst gave the right guys big contracts.

Clip Central Reply

both these men right here got us 7.5 sacks in just 3 weeks 🧀

Jesse Grajeda Reply

They said we would lose to the bears 😩😩😭

HeeM Moore Reply

So much chemistry between them. Straight brotherhood! I love it! G’s Up!

    Karthik Bobba Reply

    HeeM Moore well they are the smith brothers so they have to have chemistry.

Jared Grunert Reply

Literally finishing each others’ sentences?? Come on, son! Green and Gold bringing the trophy back home this year!

Brendan Dyer Reply

As a Packers fan, what else can you ask for!? Hope everyone stays healthy all season and good things will happen

Yungflyhero Good Reply

To be honest I’m pumped for our defense upfront an pass rush. I’m exactly obsessed with our Defense this year let’s do it again Thursday’s boys an bring in the Rookie Gary a Lil more let him eat like he did that last drive on Flacco 😏😓😁💚💛👌 #PackersNation #DefenseWinsRings #GoPackGo #SharpCheese

Brooks Herron Reply

preston smith represent!

maria martinez Reply


Zip Molly Reply

we got a DEFENSE!
#GoPackGo 💚💛🔥👊💥

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