Press Conference: Kyle Allen | October 21, 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Loathe396 Reply

trash allen

    Oc Levi Reply

    Leave the guy alone, Haskins will learn from other quarterbacks mistakes. Just in case any of them can get hurt. Coach was a player too. A HOF

Julian nairn Reply

Why is it that we are trying to make a star out of a back up?

    K Reply

    they’re not… hes just better than dwayne -_-

    Oc Levi Reply

    Stop believing everytrump things you hear julian

    Julian nairn Reply

    @Oc Levi I believe my lying eyes a backup no talent starting over another guy who should be giving a chance.

    Oc Levi Reply

    @Julian nairn he will be given a chance. They all needs a chance bruh

    Joshua Osborne Reply

    @Ali Hosseini Dan Snyder

Obi-Wan Kenobi Reply

Start Alex Smith

    Mike Lawry Reply

    Did you see him Vs the Rams…….??????

    Oc Levi Reply

    Let these young guys get some experience man dam

Mike Lawry Reply

I like Kyle for now he’s a solid backup

Taquel Wiliiams Reply

I’m with Kyle. I like Haskins but he just came to the NFL to early. As a coach if you have a chance to win the Division you go with your QB that has more experience in the playbook.

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