Predicting The Final 53-Man Dallas Cowboys Roster | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
BeFF Cheeto

We Dem Boys!!!!

eric cornelius

☆Joe Jackson

Christopher Clayton

We are stacked!

Max Moreno

I disagree with some of your picks.

West World

Have some balls and cut it down without Zeke but with a RBBC.

They will go 6 WRs because the offense is now pass-focused, and because of this they definitely need depth in the OL to ensure Dak can make plays and not turnover the the ball.

Depth is more important with the DL & LB and Taco needs to be traded for free up a spot.

da Star

I’m just waiting for the day I wake up when Jerry and Zeke have reached an agreement. This a very good team and we need all onboard.

Plantbased Outdoors

Lots of depth on this team. First time in a long time we have had this much talent. With or without Zeke we should make a deep run into the playoffs.


Kinda nice having Noah on the PUP just in case an injury happens in those first 6 weeks

    Stevie Mac23

    I think that’s exactly what they’re thinking. Keep him fresh plus they can see who wins the battle between Smith and Wilson


    Stevie Mac23 right.. personally I don’t see him taking either of their spots but it’s still some nice insurance

Chris Graham

Cedrick Wilson is a keeper

JR 214

Go Deep on OLine and DLine Control both sides of the Ball. Extra LBs and Corners for Special Teams

JR 214

Cooper Gallup Cobb Austin Smith Wilson

Austin Tex

Solid List. 👏🤠

#CowboysNation 🏈⭐️


Noah Brown will get bumped off the roster by Devin Smith plus Cedrick Wilson as the 5th & 6th WRs.

Junkyard Dog

What’s with Brauddus’s socks 😂

Willie Smith

Zeke worked hard to prove to the cowboys so is the way Jerry and his son is going to treat your best running back you have had in years what is wrong with yall win the super bowl sign zeke now

black 51

I don’t understand the love for Noah Brown, dude has about 8 career catches

    Dumpster Life

    He can block extremely good thats why they like him

jeremy x

I’d sign off on that list
please, Please, PLEASE, let us go 6-Receivers

It’s Dak-friendly and Team-friendly

mike h

I hope they keep Cedric Wilson!.

aj ashford

Kavon makes the team. He is the best special team player we have. He is a special team standout guy

D Parker

Forget Zeke, he’s nothing but a problem. It’s year four of crap from him. Trade him please!

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