Postgame – The First Word presented by Dr Pepper – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jam WordLaw Reply

the FURST word?

    kaypee109 Reply

    Lmao. .wha hppnd to spellchck???

WarRemnant Reply

Starts around 6:21

Michael Brown Reply


teampenn2007 Reply

The defense sucked balls today. Gave up two TD’s that they shouldn’t have. I’m tired of that soft D during trash time too. WTF is Marinelli doing?

    Shorty Reply

    Literally every team does this.

    MrFluffysteel Reply

    @Shorty Dallas does…apparently.

    Daniel Rodriguez Reply

    Shut up

    Jose Garcia Reply

    @BigTex Dallas I have faith in Kris Richard to straighten things out when we play teams like The Packers and Patriots.

    Runs with Bulls Reply

    Casual fan spotted.

First Name Last Name Reply

FURST word trrrtrrrtttt

Meechie Reply

Yooooo!!! Let’s go Cowboy Nation!!! STAND UP!!!

Beto Munoz Reply


Joaquin Mireles Reply

This intro to damn long

Wayne Hawkins Reply

We need to correct defensive tackles.We need some more help in there.Our guys are good when you some more help backupSecondary gotta get on sync with better communicationThat becomes your free safety.Don’t forget about a young man Wilson from the preseason

Damion Cooke Reply

defensive line need Quinn and Hill to appy pressure and fitzpatrick to help byron jones

Wayne Hawkins Reply

I hope this team can do you like Oklahoma back in the college days,With Barry Switzer.Today like Alabama.Just steamrolled everybody in the league Where,We will beat them,In the defense must be more aggressive we have talent two and three level deep,With no drop off.Jerry Jones there’s your answer.Keep finding the talent,.There is one team we’re looking for in the Super Bowl,We play like this to get there.,Prescott and the offense coordinator. Roll cowboys!!!Shake off the haters

Wayne Hawkins Reply

Please can the official stop messing up the game.New Orleans versus the Rams

Jody Wagner Reply

Skip to 6:23. It legit doesn’t start until over halfway through the video.

Antbeast23 Reply

No turnovers nd lacking pass rush. Linebackers and secondary guys taking bad angles not tackling well.

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

Antwaun Woods is out for the year.

Jd Hendrix Reply

Good way to extend a 6 min video to 12

Jeff Norris Reply

A long soft drink ad lol

Paul Paik Reply

Why is half of this video a static screen?!

Glenn John Reply

Thank you for including Nick and Rob! Their on-field reactions are why I tune in for the first word!

billy heaton Reply

Dallas cowboys trap bests 🎙️🎚️🎛️🎤🎧🎹🥁

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