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Dino Anthony Reply

Cowboys win!! Eagles lose!! DC4L


I was worried in that 1st half I was worried 😳😳😳

    James Tatum Reply

    Ikr… I almost turned it off

    Stewart Robinson Reply


Lujan Gaming Reply

Congratulations To Jason Garret for his 1st 3-0 Start as HC . How Bout Dem Cowboys! If Your With Me And Agree Make The Thumb Blue . Have A Blessed Day Everyone .

Kenneth Watson Reply

3 minutes and 31 seconds of nothing. Really great job there. ( it is not possible to imbue that with more sarcasm. )

True Gooner Reply

1 word. Sloppy.
Way too sloppy in too many areas, we weren’t punished because it was the Dolphins… but we were down a level. Dak was trying way too much early on, I like that he’s throwing deep as his 1st option… but I rather throw to the best option, as far as coverage/depth. The O-line got too many holds that killed drives and scores. The defense really was bad, but again, wasn’t punished due to Miami’s ineptitude. Special teams? Poor… a lot to clean up after this one.

    Adan Martinez Reply

    Stewart Robinson yes I think we did a better job the second half.

    True Gooner Reply

    @Stewart Robinson It was pretty bad though… Miami is a poor team… they’ve been blown out through their 3 games… we made it look tough though, we blew them out in the end… once we cleaned up some things, but it was still ugly. Have to tighten up as the season goes… hence why you do have to be critical at times.

    jarjon76 Reply

    The defense wasn’t “really bad”. The problem is your way too high expectations.

    Adan Martinez Reply

    jarjon76 that’s true

Porter house Reply

How about telling my mans to straighten up his tie lol

FatFredyFreak Reply

Clip starts at 3:31

Brian Waller Reply

Can’t start slow against the pa kers or Patriots. If you do you’ll find yourself in a 14-0 hole

    m Cave Reply

    Exactly teams will watch film get an early jump on us and it’s over.

    Albert Paiz Reply

    No we won’t, at this point this team is bored! I know, hard to believe but it’s humanity

FatFredyFreak Reply

3-0 y’all, about to get harder though. Defense is going to have to play better in the first half, a better team will make us pay early and play from behind late.

Zachary Taylor Reply

12 minute video with five minutes of content.

Shawn Carter Reply

Nobody mentioned the fact that the Cowboys were missing Michael Gallup, he makes alot of 3rd down catches for the Cowboys and that was why they struggled in the 1st half but 3-0 still looks pretty good right now

    StunnaCole Reply

    His route running is missed

Stewart Robinson Reply

31 – 7. People. Relaxs

Ty Lewis Reply

Everyone talk about our defense..pisses me off..they haven’t let no one score crazy so far this year..stop bitchin

    jarjon76 Reply

    It’s fans who have way too high expectations and knee jerk. It’s 3 weeks in and they’re still getting their feet wet. Look around the league and you’ll see other teams making similar mistakes. Sept football is basically preseason these days.

King D Reply

About our boys Defense, I believe our boys are on the precipice of returning to their top form from last year. Let’s give em a break, recover from injuries and let them rekindle that chemistry, fire, energy, intensity and stinginess they played w last year. I think it’s coming together. If they played perfect, peeps would take them for granted; they’ve played below their ability in some areas, and peeps have a short memory of how good they are. Give em space. A lil more time; we got this.

jarjon76 Reply

Some spoiled fans had it in their head that this would be a 50-0 game therefore this was a disappointing game, but in reality it was a blowout against a bad team. They did exactly what they needed to do. On to New Orleans.

bitebetsy Reply

3 weeks in a row – the mic is bad for the camera-right anchor, and loud & clear for the camera-left anchor! What gives – consistency for sure!

The Punisher Reply

How much has that one sack by DLaw cost the Cowboys?

Dan Blatt Reply

Man I’m feeling so bad for Philly being lied to all off season 😭😂🤣😅 NOT

Eric Starnes Reply

It’s ok for Dr Pepper to have this segment, but I’m glad Jerry serves Coke in the stadium

William Cabell Reply

The Boys seemed like they were experimenting in the first half. What a great luxury! Do you guys really need five minutes of intro. music?

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