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RM2427 Reply

If we don’t win this division everyone needs to go

    Chasin Paper Reply

    RM2427 Id keep Dimitroff but Quinn is on the hottest seat imaginable

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Chasin Paper I agree

    Lawrence Reply

    Everyone besides TD.

    lamont lovett Reply

    @Anthony De La Cruz well he need to go

    Dexter Jackson Reply

    We definitely not gonna win this division playing like this!! DQ has this i don’t know what to do look because he know hes not a good coach for this caliber offense ! How canu be the head coach and the defensive coach??? And u suck at BOTH!!

Scotty Robinson Reply

Another losing record both head coach and GM will be fired Falcons owner is not a patient man!😡😡😡😡

    Jay Manning Reply

    @GhOsT PePpErS hey I’m not arguing with you guys, I’m just telling y’all what to expect, here’s what I would like to happen we fire DQ if he can’t turn this team around I mean he blew the Superbowl and we’ve gotten worse every year since, and I hope the Steelers keep losing and fire Mike Tomlin and we hire Tomlin lol that’s what I would like, unless we start winning now then obviously I would prefer that

    Jay Manning Reply

    @GhOsT PePpErS we brought in DQ because our defense couldn’t hold leads and overall sucked under Smitty, well DQ hasn’t fixed that we came close to having a good defense but that’s it, but we had ourselves a Superbowl is what I really can’t get over 25 points with 3 to go in the third it doesn’t get any easier than that and that’s the coaches fault to blow a lead like that

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Anthony Ramos I agree not arguing DQ blowing that Superbowl was a major warning sign, as I watched today’s game the announcers said the Falcons hadn’t come back from a 17 pt deficit at halftime to win a game since the 1980s, that made me think about how unrealistic it still is that we blew a 25 point lead with 3 to go in the third qt, ever since then I’ve had my doubts about DQ but I’ve tried to stay positive but your right we’ve gotten worse and our defense has continued to suck which is the main thing he was brought here to make better

    Jayboy 1k Reply

    It’s week 3 calm down

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Jayboy 1k it’s technically week 19 since we were in the playoffs, we are 1-9 over our last 10 games vs the AFC, we were 1 penalty away this last game from tying the all time franchise record for most penalties in a game, we blew a 25 point lead in the Superbowl, I think some of our fan base has room to be a little concerned

Donnie Purp Reply

Man we can’t be the sorry as Colts we ain’t even playoff ready

    Colts fan4 Life Reply

    Colts are sorry huh? 😂 you falcons fans are stupid

    Justin Rogers Reply

    @Colts fan4 Life our fanbase is the dumbest in the world. Just take a look at these comments and come back here after a win

Traveling Charlie Reply

Why didn’t the Falcons Defense play like they wanted to win like they did against Philly??? It was obvious on the Colt’s very first possession.

    Antonio Kim Reply

    Traveling Charlie according to Dan Quinn it’s a tale of two halves for whatever that means

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Antonio Kim lol he says that every game, but we couldn’t stop the Colt’s all night and almost tied the franchise record for most penalties in a game…our offense played better in the second half, but half their defense was out to so I don’t know if we should be to proud of that, basically we suck right now

    Antonio Kim Reply

    Jay Manning well the on the bright side UGA won and the Braves made it to the playoffs and that has nothing to do with the Falcons but oh well

    Justin Harrold Reply

    @Antonio Kim dont forget Atlanta United are in the playoffs.

    Antonio Kim Reply

    Justin Harrold oh for sure! Two years in a row we doing our thing. Martinez!

Jojo23 Reply

You didn’t prepare the team, it’s mostly on Quinn.

    Pharaoh Messiah Reply

    Jojo23 as unprepared as a team gets . Fucking joke of a coach.

    StarKiller 5iveOh Reply

    ((High five)) 100% accurate.
    So much failure to execute!!

    RISEUP Gamer Reply

    Seriously unprepared.

    IrTechie Reply

    Dan quinn is not to-blame it’s the game staff

    Jay Manning Reply

    @IrTechie he’s part of the game staff…lol a coach is the main person responsible for making sure the team is prepared

Life In The Philippines: A Black Person's Viewpoint Reply

Very disappointed. Too many penalties and Turnovers. The coaching staff is to blame. The players merely do what they are coached to do. DQ needs to RISE UP!

    Justin Rogers Reply

    @Cody Paul yes sir I hope Grady and tak are ok also

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Justin Rogers it means their undisciplined plan and simple, the team plays the way they practice the coach is their to discipline players who are fucking up, that’s how a team works players don’t discipline themselves…look at any winning team they’re well disciplined and don’t make mistakes because they’re well coached, I’m not saying DQ is a bad coach or a good coach I’m merely telling you how coaching works, if a team is making a ton of mistakes people look it who’s coaching them and the same the other way around as well

    Justin Rogers Reply

    @Jay Manning I forgot players don’t discipline themselves. Who would expect anybody to know what to do on their own? I forgot we’re trying to teach a bunch of two-year-olds how to play football.

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Justin Rogers well let me put it for you like this since you don’t get it, if a player makes a bunch of penalties who is he supposed to answer to so he doesn’t keep making the penalties?? The coach obviously, therefore the coach is responsible for making sure his players don’t commit lots of penalties, and we’re not talking one player either, 16 penalties we were 1 penalty away from the franchise record so that means the whole team was committing a bunch of penalties, that falls on the coach or should we just cut each player that commits a penalty 🤔

Dexter Jackson Reply

Well that’s Dan Quinn fault they don’t have discipline!! Same ole talking ! Poor tackling just poor everything!SMH!!

    ShadowFax Reply

    When practice doesn’t have a party atmosphere and seriousness happens, then the team will learn. Until that time, their potential will not happen. It starts at the top DQ.

James Rogers Reply

He just looks defeated at this point. Is it possible that after 3 years, DQ has realized that he’s in over his head?

    I hate the devil Reply

    Matt Ryan is the prob to he sucks

    MRJ2012 Reply

    @I hate the devil stfu

T Mor Reply

These so-called sports reporters don’t ask the tough questions after the game, its almost like they let them off the hook! Hold their feet to the fire! Dam I’m so pissed!

    Sylvester Harris Reply

    Well if they ask the hard questions they would not have them there

O Fisher Reply

Inconsistency = coaching , Penalties = coaching , road loses = coaching , being out of place on d = coaching , slow start = coaching.

    Philip Franklin Reply

    I totally agree. Dan Quinn is being out coached every week.

    Darrell Fambro Reply

    I agree I think he has to much on his plate stick to head coach and hire a DC

    Crooked Cesar Reply

    Darrell Fambro he’ll be gone before he has the chance

Teddy Bear Reply

sorry as falcons man they need to clean house that defense is terrible

Jamal Washington Reply

Dan Quinn your defense is vanilla and it sucks bruh

Chico Chapman Reply

Undisciplined players are a direct result of bad coaching. If a parent sends his or her kids to school and they keep interrupting the teacher, pulling the little girl”s ponytails in front of them, aand being late for class, then everyone will deduce that these kids have discipline problems that are a direct result of bad parenting. 16 penalties and undisciplined play week after week clearly says DQ is doing something wrong.

King 7 Reply

Doesn’t look like the people he let go was the problem 🤔

    Dexter Jackson Reply

    The people he let go wasn’t the problem HE IS THE PROBLEM!! And Dimitrof needs to go as well! Arthur Blank please get rid of them before its too late!!

NPSSports97 Reply

Coach I have a question for you. Can I help you get your resume ready?

    No Brakes Reply

    Poor coaching……16 penalties that show what what a poor disciplined team they are. Poor time management as usual too. This will be DQ’s last year.

    Falcon BANE77 Reply

    I disagree with both of you Smitty got 7 seasons with 1 playoff win. Quinn has 3 in 5 season and NFC championship. Blank would be stupid to get rid of the guy who created the culture we’ve never had. Both of you sound stupid. Smh

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Falcon BANE77 yeah the guy who blew a 25 point lead in the Superbowl with less than 20 mins to go, 35 penalties so far this season, 1-9 in are last 10 games vs the AFC, a defense that can’t stop a back up QB, we are literally one play away from being 0-3, and comparing him to Smitty isn’t saying much we don’t have a winning environment right now stop being delusional

    Falcon BANE77 Reply

    @Jay Manning Right now 3 weeks in??? Your comment in this YouTube won’t get him fired. So shut up you have no control. Not even over post on YouTube lame. Nobody in the organization can hear. You are delusional if you think they can. Smh

First Last Reply

Dq doesn’t have anything to do with the Falcons penalties and interception. Plus Julio was wide open in the end zone and Matt didn’t see a QB Matt is not using his best judgement…

Sylvester Harris Reply

Well coach running that simple defense that every team can beat with average quarterback play .if He is a good defensive coach He should have changed a long time ago

Vanilla Gorilla Reply

I agree that DQ and his seat just got hotter but we should focus on sending prayers for Keanu. That was painful to watch. 🙏 up for 22

    GhOsT PePpErS Reply


    Shane Powell Reply

    Yeah I hope Neil comes back soon … But the number one issue is Dr. Evil has got to go …

kevin turpin Reply

Never know what team you’re going to get same O same O talk

Preston Flowers Reply

Well get ready to here this ALL YEAR… SMFH

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