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Jakob Tuiaana Reply

never clicked on anything so fast lmao

a_drew24 Reply

Bears are going to start Trubisky. 1-4 weeks depending on how he does we might see Nick Foles. Watch

    PHILosophy 1990 Reply

    Since COVID pushed the season back, Mitch always had the upper hand. He’s most likely to start the season.

    Rich Lo Reply

    If he starts the season the way he has the last 2 years..meaning opening day – he won’t make it to the 2nd game- just look how bad his play was against GB opening day both years – the 1st game 2 years ago he had the 1 opening drive that looked great but was horrible later – last year was atrocious

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl Reply

    Mitch will get benched before week 3

Susan Williams Reply

I hope Mitch can get it done!

    William BROWN Reply

    Im my Stephen A Smith voice, “Trubisky has got to get it done!! Enough is enough!!”

    Troyboy Reply

    You can not be serious? Mitchy is huge bust!

Rodney White Reply

Long as Nagy calls plays that adapt to Mitchell’s strengths and let’s him scramble, Mitch will be just fine and he’ll earn the new deal. But Nagy has to have enough of a pair to put his own ego on the back burner instead of forcing Mitch into a game that Mitch is not comfortable with then blaming Mitch, which is exactly what he’s been doing. The question should be: “How big are Nagy’s balls”?

    Rodney White Reply

    Joel Mathew Mitch was the 2nd overall pick in the draft. It’s the coach’s contractual obligation to adjust to him due to the fact that that QB will always be the standard for which the coach’s reputation is built. If the coach does not adapt to him, then the QB fails, then it’s the coach’s fault for never having the confidence in him to begin with, the coach and GM both get fired and the chances of them ever finding another job in the NFL go way down. When you’re the #2 overall pick that a team traded up to get, you don’t adapt, you get adapted to, or the coach and GM BOTH get FIRED. If Nagy can’t put down his ego and pick up his testicles, both him and Pace are gonna be unemployed in 2021 and questioning why. They’ll have no choice at that point to admit it was their fault for even drafting him and finally learn the meaning of acceptance of responsibility for your own mistakes. Maybe, by then, they’ll see where they went wrong with Mitch and maybe, just maybe, when other teams realize Mitch is the victim, they might give him a 2nd shot.

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl Reply

    Mitch isn’t getting a new deal dude

    Rodney White Reply

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl as long as Nagy puts down his selfish attitude and grows up like a man, let’s Mitch scramble and he succeeds in doing so, he’s gonna get paid. He wasn’t the #2 overall pick for nothing.

    Cortez Reply

    @Joel Mathew As a coach you play to your players’ strengths. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter how good he is. You work with what you have, not what you want.

    Taurus Griffin Reply

    See this is the type of talk I hate the most. The question shouldn’t be “how big are Nagy’s balls”, it should be can mitch actually put it together in year 4 and play like a NFL QB consistently. The play calling will be just fine as long as the QB can handle it.

John Ryan Reply

Where is the depth at ILB, OLB, and DL….?

David Thomas Reply

Either way they are stronger at QB than they have been in years and in case of injury the bench will be ready.

    Jeremy Dailey Sr. Reply

    Yes. Same with the TE room. I’m super excited for this year!

    Karen Hardie Reply

    Agree. Foles is a good guy and will help Mitch. Cant hurt to have a superbowl mvp who has won on the biggest stage. He can handle the pressure. Mitch seems to struggle with the mental pressure, throwing down field and reading defenses. I think it’s a win win. Maybe start Mitch but he will have a short leash. If he doesn’t win the starting job that will be tough for him. You have to win. Those coaches jobs are on the line. 8-8 last year was not good enough. Many people think week one will be Mitch. Week 8 will be Foles. Hope they have a great season.

Bryochemical Intuition Reply

I want Trubisky to win the spot but may the best man win

Bri Reply

Give either of these two guys more productive running back play this year and they’ll put points on the board against anyone. Just got to have that foundation to begin with. And obviously we know what the defence will do. Exiting times!

Sloe Bone Reply

Unless the line is much improved, we’re going to see all three of them this season.

    Kevin Moy Reply

    We not seeing Bray 😂

    PHILosophy 1990 Reply

    No on Bray homie lol.

PHILosophy 1990 Reply

Tbh this QB competition is pretty much Mitch’s to lose 💁🏽‍♂️.

He’s gonna get starter considerations first, especially since COVID happened. Unless Nick blows him out of the water, overall. Either way, I just want good QB play.


    Delonte West Reply

    Mitch is bad. He cant throw.

    Troyboy Reply

    Mitch is a bust!!

    John Doe Reply

    I miss Cutler

    Ron Burgandy Reply

    Game one, Mitch has that deer in the headlights look against the defense because he still can’t determine zone or man.

Michae Thomas Reply

That was a bad pass over the middle from Trubisky to Jimmy Graham. It was a completion, but he wasn’t leading the receiver like he should and it stopped him from getting RAC yards. I know it’s subtle but something he needs to work on

    Cornelius Squalls Reply

    I saw that too! He has to be able to lead his receivers when possible!

    Raymond Brolly Reply

    Watch the Eagles SB run, Foles placing the balls were only Jeffrey or Agholar can get it.

Brandon Dorsey Reply

I’m not a fan of Tribuski at all, but I sincerely hope that he starts at the beginning of the year. Give him every last opportunity to make it work and of it doesn’t we can have closure on that draft pick miss.

Anthony j Reply

Like MAC SAID 10 or 9 we goin to WIN…BEAR DOWN!!!!!!

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner Reply

    He has to say that. No they are not when you can’t figure out your QB your nvr rdy nor going to win.

William BROWN Reply

I heard that Tyler Bray has a better deepball that Trubisky and Foles. Just saying

Hotlog Reply

I remember a time when throwing for over 3000 yards and having a few more TDs than INTs was what made a QB good.


    Stop living in the past. We’re in 2020 bud.

    SuperPunch76 Reply

    Hotlog That time was the 80’s.

    Hotlog Reply

    @SuperPunch76 You can include the 90’s and early 2000s as well.

CollinsK85 Reply

GO BEARS!!! 🏆🏈🐻

Tony C Reply

Mitch will start. If there was a crowd he would get booed off the field by game 3. Foles will be starting by game 3 or 4. My guess.

4th and 21 Podcast Reply

Nick Foles said in his interview that he’s not hiding any information from Mitch. Mitch obviously has more natural athletic ability than Foles but lacks the mental aspect of being quarterback so if Foles can help Trubisky better grasp that part of the game I think we’ll get the best of both worlds this season.

azaz z Reply

when your legs are your “biggest asset” as a qb then you’re in trouble

Ron Burgandy Reply

3rd place again. Trubisky can’t read a high school defense and Foles who can get hurt against a high school defense. 🙄

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