In this week’s episode of Point/Counterpoint, the staff debates the team’s best free agent move between Randall Cobb and Robert Quinn.

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20 replies on “Point/Counterpoint: Debating Randall Cobb vs Robert Quinn | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. Cobb’s versatility will do more for the offense than Quinn for the defense
    Not saying much more, but more
    Quinn’s helping getting the defense off the field WULL be very good.
    Cobb can help keep the defense rested by keeping the chains moving
    Which scores points, flips field position, etc

    I’d advantage Cobb over Quinn
    I’m not saying by awhole lot necessarily

  2. I love me some Robert Quinn. I remember that draft fondly….I kept saying, “Dallas SHOULD come away with Tyron Smith, JJ Watt or Robert Quinn at #9 and I’ll be stoked about anyone of them guys”. And I’m with Bryan. I think we’re gonna see like 8-12 sacks from Quinn. But in this debate I just HAVE to go with Randall Cobb for a reason neither guy mentioned.

    Tony Pollard.

    If I were in charge of Pollard’s career, I would make him Cole Beasley’s long-term replacement. But with the added bonus of taking legit snaps in the backfield. But if you had to label him a WR or a RB, I would hope people would think WR first. And who better to mentor Pollard than Randall Cobb? A former college RB turned into one of the best slot WRs the NFL has seen the last 10 years.

    I would pair these up as much as humanly possible. Make them roommates, put their lockers next to one another, be each other’s weight lifting spotter, have them sit at the same table in the WR room, have them eat at the same lunch table. I want Pollard to be living, breathing & learning EVERYTHING from Cobb. How to eat healthy, how to train, how to run routes, how to watch film, how to read a defense as a slot WR, how to be a pro, how to be a role model for the community…..

    I truly believe that if both Zeke & Pollard are 40-50 snap a game players that this offense can really be dangerous. And the only way that can happen is if Pollard is getting like 30 snaps from the slot and 10-20 snaps in the backfield (with Zeke or without). That’s not gonna happen this year because you don’t wanna over-load the rookie and you do happen to have one of the better slot guys in the league. But maybe by mid-season Pollard is a trusted 3-down RB and he’s got a better looking route tree & is ready to play more actual slot WR. And the best way to get there from here is….let Pollard shadow Cobb.

  3. Now I’ll defend the counterpoint. Like I said, I’m a big Quinn fan. Very talented player. And in the right situation, I do believe he can be a 16-sack a year player again. That situation may very well be in Dallas….although I don’t think it would be this year. I’m seeing more like 10 sacks for the year.

    Even though he had only gotten 6-8 sacks the past few years, he was still viewed as the DE the offense NEEDS to stop. Now if he were to have the talent around him that allows him the most 1-on-1 snaps….the more sacks he should get. So 6-8 sacks in Miami could be worth 8-10 sacks in Dallas. It’s really an ideal spot for Quinn. Not only will he be fresher with a better rotation behind him. But he’s got Tank on the other side. He’s never had a running mate like Tank before. Gotta go back to the Rams days with Chris Long and those days Quinn was one of the most dangerous players in the league.

    Quinn may never reach the level of 19 sacks again, but he could get 16. In Dallas he could, and it would be in his 2nd year with them. Because it would also be Trysten Hill’s 2nd year and that is the year Hill should really break out. So if Quinn were be willing to stay at about 10m a year he could REALLY take advantage of a talented DL and he could see 16 sacks again. That could be a LOT less than he could get on the open market. But if he wants to compete for some Superbowls on a defense that could go down as one of the all-time greats and be a major reason the defense is so great then I’m sure Dallas will show him a respectable offer.

    Tank, Hill & Quinn could be the Lead Dogs on Marinelli’s best DL ever. You’d still have Antwaun Woods and hopefully Daniel Wise proves to be an undrafted steal. That’d be a nice looking DT rotation, especially if you could keep Christian Covington around (or at least find next year’s free agent version of him). Then you should have Randy Gregory back full-time. What a lethal rotation at Right End that would be. And hopefully Joe Jackson is ready for backing up Tank.

    Not to mention, it would be Marinelli’s best Front 7 ever. He’s typically had 1 All-Pro worthy LB be it Derrick Brooks or Brian Urlacher. But he’s never had 2 All-Pro type LBs. But of course, lacking that great safety he typically had in Tampa or Chicago. Maybe that’ll be Xavier Woods.

  4. Can’t disagree with either one. They should both contribute greatly. Cobb is a step above Beasley and unlike Gregory, Quinn would rather play and get a paycheck instead of getting high.

  5. This show is a great improvement over some of the really long videos that talk so much and give soo little. This is short so it’s fast paced and lots of good points are made to let us think about. I’d like to see these done everyday before every game this season giving around 5 days of topics from the last game and the upcoming strategies and predictions for the upcoming games. Please reach out to me if y’all need me for any help at the Star ⭐️ God bless and let’s go Cowboys!!

  6. Oh and rotate the people. Some days have teams of two battle it out.
    Do a player and a fan VS another Player and a Fan! I’m telling y’all I have ideas. come get me

  7. @D B No, I was mainly talking about next season. And I don’t see Collins coming back. Maybe he will, like Terrence Williams did….but not gonna count on it.

  8. @D B LOL yeah. I wasn’t clear enough. Robert Quinn can be a 16+ sack guy if he stays in Dallas for 2020. Because that should be Trysten Hill’s breakout season.

    But this year, I haven’t forgotten about Collins. I just don’t trust him to stay healthy. He can be a really fine player when he’s about as 100% healthy as anyone can be. The problem is that it seems he’s always at 75% healthy. And the Rams showed us that Collins & Woods at 75% isn’t much better than Daniel Ross & Carron Reid.

    At least this season the depth should be MUCH better. Don’t need to wear out Woods & Collins when you can ride with Covington & Hill/Wise.

  9. The Dallas Cowboys are stacking up that defensive front and the trade for Robert Quinn proves just that. Title contention it’s to early to predict but it’s a push in the right direction.

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