Podcast: Dimitroff, Quinn on roster moves, 2019 and more – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Podcast: Dimitroff, Quinn on roster moves, 2019 and more

General manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach join Matt Tabeek on Falcons Audible to discuss what goes into building the Falcons – from cutdowns, moves to preseason evaluations – and share their for the coming season.

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Rise Up!

Blackswagga Joe

They need to keep that Qb who played against the Jags the other as a back up secret weapon he can run Coach Quinn

    Walakewon Gono

    Kurt Benkert before he got hurt I believe. He’s nice. Etling could be a wildcard. Like how the Saints use number 7

    Blackswagga Joe

    @Walakewon Gono yeah I think he could be important to the team

    Walakewon Gono

    Blackswagga Joe Agreed

    Blackswagga Joe

    @Walakewon Gono let’s just hope

Byron Jones

Plz keep Etling, Brooks James on the practice squad an Cut Simms and Shaub .

    Kent Burgess

    Shaub isn’t getting cut. He’s the backup for the moment, and I’m much more comfortable with him under center if Ryan goes down than I would be with Etling (Benkert might have been another matter, but he’s now on IR). Regardless, if Ryan goes down, it’s a bad situation no matter who they trot out there.

    Etling is already listed as one of the early Practice squad signings. Thefalcoholic.com has a pretty good tracker showing who is confirmed.


Damn.id like to have this dudes job.to be able to have football people on a podcast for football talk lucky s.o.b


Hopes to see Larkin, Miles, Etling and Benkurt on the Practice Squad in the next couple days

    Kent Burgess

    Benkert is on IR. He won’t be on the practice squad or the active roster, but he can’t be poached by another team.

Rishi Mohan

Julio Jones contract?

Samuel Davis

If you put them on the practice squad some other team might snap them up.

Nick bagnulo


The UndisputedQueso

I love listening to Thomas talk very eloquent and intelligent..does give his hand away but still gives you things to think about and good insight on day to day operations.


Tabeek for the love of god ask a freaking question and then stfu. You spoke the most of the three involved in this conversation. Why? Nobody cares what you think when you have TD and Q in the same room. Sorry but its the truth. Also please stop mumbling and whispering and speak clearly into the microphone.

Otherwise good job πŸ˜†

DogManiyak G

I just want our Team to have a Strong Healthy Season Riseup DBirds

Red the Dirty Bird

Great podcast guys, good stuff

Charles Nelson

i want relentless wrecklessness

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