“Playoff Lenny” Leonard Fournette Mic’d Up vs. Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Calvin Ellison Reply

Playoff lenny in the house

    Sean Lutke Reply

    I LIKE IT!!

    C.e. W Reply

    @Sean Lutke and I like that!

Haadh Tahirkheli Reply

Let’s go Lenny get back in play off form we got this

    Adeen Tahirkheli Reply

    Bruh look at this dude bruh 😎

Edgardo Rivera Reply


    Mandalore the Unknown Reply

    There you are Ynnel!

Christopher Law Reply

Jacksonville didn’t want him anymore, take that in for a sec smh

    OneBucPerson Reply

    Robinson killed it for them this year so I don’t think they’re that torn up about it, a divorce was for the best.

    Stone Gutiérrez Reply

    Na they wanted him just he was gonna cost to much after rookie contract

    Rieldans Reply

    Robinson made more sense for them, smart way to free up cap space tbh

    L.L. Craft Reply

    They were also tanking which still makes no sense, because that’s great you get the #1 pick…who do they have to help them when you get rid of everyone?

    Eric Lhymn Reply

    Jacksonville has james robinson at a fraction of the price so I think they’re just fine at rb

Tom Brady Reply

I was waiting all day for this

Dontae Thomas Reply

Lenny plus Ronald omg what a combination


ROJO and fournett is a scary duo

    Evan Lowe Reply

    id honestly like fournette back in tampa next year… they can easily be the best rb duo in the league

Ryzen Reply

The confidence in this team is unreal right now, let’s get this win this weekend!

    jordan Silva Reply

    Aaron Rodgers will beat tom it’s been foretold through gematria.

    pj silvosa Reply

    @jordan Silva gtfoh!

    jordan Silva Reply

    @pj silvosa 27 23 packers I’ve seen the future

    kingrobinho777 Reply

    Packers by 20…

    Mikhail York Reply

    bro yall not winning lol

Notloc Jones Reply

“that’s why I came here” LOVE IT

    aSpicyTime Reply

    Yeah thats pretty awesome to hear, i love this guy. He has heart

    Notloc Jones Reply

    @aSpicyTime oh yeah. I moved to jax like 18 years ago so I guess I’d say the jags are #2 for me but I always liked this dude. Just glad he’s somewhere where they don’t have to give him the ball 98% of the time.

MarcPalacios FPS/FGC-SlayAtHomeDad Reply

They actually did what I asked TY. We got both LSU boys on Mic’d up.

Uwish Reply

greatest comment by lenny was, “they believed in me, i believed in myself.”

    The Bear Minimum Reply


Voodoo Booty Reply

Buc bowl comin up! Steamroll them Packers! Lets go Bucs!

willie stubz Reply

Lenny has been a huge part of our offense last couple games, the man is stunty

Jim D Reply

Lenny “Hands” Fournette. 🤲 The Bucs’ best all-around RB.

Silva Spoon 813 Reply

If you notice Leonard hardly talks half of the time Devin does, but both plays well and great at what they do

Billy Manziel Reply

“Ughmf” – Playoff Lenny

C.e. W Reply

Seems like a lot of his runs end with him rolling forward past defenders, if he can just find his balance he can house some of these!

    One at a Time Reply

    Thats true doesn’t have a low center of gravity. Is he garbage? No not by a long shot. But he could have broke a lot of those runs to the goal line.

    Warrior Loft Reply

    Gotta keep running physical!!!

    MOVIE MAN Reply

    It’s because he is truly running the ball as hard as he can not like them soft rbs that’s looking to outrun defenders he wants to run through you like a Derrick Henry.

    Tom S Reply

    I think some of that is intended – you’ll notice he twists a lot in contact to fight for those extra yards. It throws the defender (and himself) off balance which generally gets him a few more yards in. I suppose it makes those massive plays less likely but it seems to make him a really consistent threat to pick up decent yardage every down.

George paul Reply

If they all believe in themselves and each other it’s going to be hard to stop

Robert Jackson Reply

We’ve got a real special group right now. I’m loving it.

Jo el Reply

This man has hit another gear these last several weeks, so glad we picked him up this year

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