Playmake-Her: Debut Episode | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Playmake-Her: Debut Episode | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Welcome guest Aiyda Cobb, wife of WR Randall Cobb to the team along with DCM apparel designer Rachel Thomas. Talking about moving, motherhood and managing career and family.

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tony montana

Cobb is married

Benjamin McFadden


Kevin Oreilly

Thanks ladies. Going to get that skirt for my girl!Nice to see the Cobb family digging in for the long term. Good show I’m going to send it to my girl now have a great day ladies! Go cowboys!!

Adam Anthony

The cowboys gotta take care of her with childcare so she can be with her family and watch big Cobb ball out!

Jose Cantu

Awesome. Don’t know why anyone would like a less inclusive team. I’m glad to see this channel and the podcast lineup expanding. Something for every Cowboys fan.


I love this show.

michael perez

Great job, ladies! Cowboys Football is a Family Affair! ATX is in the house.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was great!

Edward Henry

The Cowboys defense will play good enough to win division and then explode on every other opponents all the way to win the super bowl bless you ladies go win another one Cowboys

Louis Mccrae

Nice!… I really enjoyed the show I will definitely be tuning in!

Tudogz Fawking

Zzzzzzz, boring! Someone has to say it.

Kenneth Harrison

Great last name Nikki


This not it chief lol.

j mert_58

That was fun to watch. Enjoyed seeing this from another perspective.

Outlaw DaDemigod

Refreshing to see this women’s cowboy ladies. Respect. Salute . Cowboys for Life!

Liu Kang Kixx

Ravens fan but S/o Dallas cowboys y’all are doing some great things. S/o Randall Cobb, beautiful family.


I was not going to watch this but it started automatically..It was a pleasant surprise and I had to finish watching. Nice show.

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