Player’s Lounge: HOF Debates, Who’s Better? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Player’s Lounge: HOF Debates, Who’s Better? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Newy Scruggs, Danny McCray and Barry Church debates Pro Football Hall of Fame members and candidates, discuss the possible return of WR Dez Bryant to the Cowboys and more on this episode of the Player's Lounge!

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Plantbased Outdoors

Skip to 16:50 to avoid a long and irrelevant conversation about Hot Boys drama and get to actual football talk.

Tommie Jenkins

Cowboys are the hot boyz always have been… get to the football talk dez doesn’t need to be here

    Joshua Eason

    Tommie Jenkins Dez DOES need to be here, not in the role he was in before, not even close. Imagine his skill set in the 3rd down and red zone role that Witten kinda had last year. With daks development and Dez’s rest and health it could be really interesting


    @Joshua Eason Let Dez go. Your emotions are clouding your judgement.

    Joshua Eason

    jarjon76 no emotions here, I know Dez is faster, has better hands, and is better after the catch than Witten. That’s the position he’s made for at this point in his career

Jamar Hookfin

Randy was not better then T.O


    Uh yeah he was. Moss and Rice are the two greatest WRs to ever play the game.

    Jamar Hookfin

    jarjon76 i was just a deep treat that was very limited with not go over the middle T.O in his prime can do it all moss not even in the top 7


Wasn’t Cobb returning kicks…there’s your special teams. We had 6 injured WRs the last two seasons. We need Dez for quality depth.


    2014 called they want your emotions back.


Byron Jones is athletic and that’s it. He’s not good and he’s not a ball hawk. Y’all act like he has to cover top 5 receivers every game or even every year. Y’all forget D. Hopkins shredded him and a Rookie for the patriots did as well. Everybody crying for heath to go and the dude leads the team in interceptions every year. Except for last. Why throw Byron way. It’s your blind side and you have weaker backs on the right side. I’d make Byron thrown to stats look good as well

    Brett WB

    I’m with ya. I wouldn’t break the bank for Jones. I’ve watched a lot of tape on the DEs in this year’s draft and the talent is thin. I would definitely sign Robert Quinn. Personally, I would go CB or DT in the first couple of rounds. Also, some of the mid round safeties impress me more than early ones. Mid-round/Sleepers: Jaylinn Hawkins, Marcelino Ball, Julian Blackmon, Rodney Clemons, Jeremy Chinn and Damar Hamlin.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Resign Heath & Quinn

Emmit Smith


John Crabtree

This was a waste of time


Come on Church Rodgers is a no brainer HOFer. Why even question it?


So the organization doesn’t want to go big in free agency and like home grown talent. I.E. Draft. You have a quality corner YOU picked in the first round, played him out of position for 2 yrs and now you don’t want to pay him because he (as a corner) commands a salary of $14-$15 mil. This organization “talks” loyalty, (very selective) but it’s mostly a one way street. Don’t blame Byron if he walks. He been a model citizen, does he job, drafted BY the team and they want to nickel & dime him. Bryon, get paid while you can & where you can.

Virginia Addis

1.02 i huge cowboys sorry superbowl and next season winnipeg blu e bommbers THE GREY CUP TWO MONTHS AGO.. NO 62 MIN. NO..NO GARRET OUT DALLASS WHATEVER 1..29 35 ER… WE THERE HIT FOR CORPUS CHRISTI WHERE CHRIST LIVESSS

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