Players looking to grow from losses | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Players looking to grow from losses | Pittsburgh Steelers

TJ Watt, Stephon Tuitt, Jaylen Samuels, Diontae Johnson, and Minkah Fitzpatrick spoke to the media on Tuesday recapping Sunday's loss and looking ahead to their game against the Bengals.

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banDo brandO Reply

1st comment

David Johnson Reply

Defense is improved offense has to be better. Let’s get a divisional win … my Steelers got humbled against playoff teams so far. #HereWeGoSteelers

Steeler Juju19 Reply

Just win a game Please!

    Malik ElcoSS454 Reply

    U said mouth full indeed.

    JOSE 74 Reply

    Yes!!! We need a big W!!

Luke Reply

It’s barely the players’ fault. It’s our horrendous coaching/play calling that’s costing us games

mike collins Reply

Great talent with poor coaching… too much turnover in the coaching staff with Munchak leaving, letting the RB coach and Porter go along with the sad death of WR coach Drake. All of this and a HC and DC that can’t put their talent in position to be successful.

Brian Erney Reply

Use #how is Steelers going to win on Monday night football need Steelersnation talk about how is Steelers going win first football game on Monday night football

    Malik ElcoSS454 Reply

    I have a solution send coach & Bulter packing.

Frank Herrera Reply

We missed the playoffs last year and Tomlin even had Steelers Nation rooting for the f–king Browns for Christ’s sake! We keep giving the captain of the Titanic different ships expecting different results. Insanity!! Tomlin can’t even prepare minute rice!

Wanda Jordan Reply

Stop ! With all the munchak not being there ok I understand the passing of Drake but these guys have to remember what they were told or coached yes sometimes it’s players other times it’s coaches and sometimes it’s a combination of both

Wanda Jordan Reply

STEELERS need to beat the Bengals and let’s see what Samuels can do

Josh Kay Reply

If the whole Vannett thing doesn’t work out, TJ played TE at Wisconsin and would’ve been an early pick as one, we could play him both ways I guess🤣

Flash_760 Reply

Let Mason throw the ball deep and not just quick passes just because he is a new qb

Can’t play small, play big throw far and run the ball

    0987754 9086 Reply

    Flash_760 he did and he overthrew the guy probably a touchdown

Steven Enno Reply

You always see JuJu congratulating his teammates no matter what

Christopher B. Reply

The secondary besides fitziy better stepup. That’s the only way to win.

Ernest Lewis Reply

I’m sorry but steelers are going to have problems this year because we dont jave a good coaching staff. It ain’t the players

    Albert Knotts Reply


Anthony Festa Reply

They’ll be fine give them some time for cohesion they’re young. They have talented player personal. They’re maybe some coaching changes coming soon we’ll see.

Edwin Thompson WeightLoss Journey Reply

I’m really upset that they make it seem like the defense did a bad job,the offense was so garbage the defense was tired and still made plays,cant blame them for being gassed towards the ending of the game.

JOSE 74 Reply

Get that bigW!!!! Let’s go STEELERS!!!

Guillermo Ruelas Reply

Tj watt needs to get a real face mask for an OLB and stop wearing that ugly yellow arm sleeve

Guillermo Ruelas Reply

What happened to Devin Bush. Thought he was supposed to be. The real deal havent really seen too much from him the first 3 games so far🤔😞😡

    ray laflame Reply

    He’s leading the team in tackles what do you mean?

Fifty Fifty Reply

It’s time to move on from Tomlin. I think he’s is a very good coach but the team appears to be tone deaf to what he’s trying to do. He seems more like one of the boys than the boss. We don’t seem to be making any process.

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