Player Reporter: Who’s house would make the best AirBNB? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Joseph Sky Reply

I dressed up as Kareem for Halloween a couple years ago

Joseph Sky Reply

My first Texans game and only one JJ waved to me and I got on the big screen and I’m so sad the Texans won’t play on my bday bc the season will be over and the will have won the Super Bowl my bday is 2/21

    Chris 020509 Reply

    Joseph Sky Mine is feb 5

Izzybo1207 Reply

They’ve been on a roll lately with these videos I love it!

Cameron Schapals Reply

Do more please

HTX 713 Reply

Bruh Kareem should have his own show I would definitely watch it💯✊✌

Raymundo Rodriguez Reply

Yall need to make this longer

Chef Avery Reply

R.I.P. Bob McNair

L D Reply

These are great

Luke Colley Reply



I would want to go JJ Watt’s house because his arms are huge so that means his has meat and I need to put some meat on my arms.

Renee Martin Reply

I sure miss KJACK TV!

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