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Player Profile: Eddie Goldman

Defensive lineman Eddie Goldman sits down with Jeff Joniak and discusses returning to Washington DC and playing in his hometown for the first time in his career.


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Just a friendly reminder that the packers are 1st in the divison and the bears arent.


    AGK927 it’s been 3 games chill out lmao

    Brandan Morris

    Image being a SLACKERS fan on a bears YT channel

    Big block 472

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    Neno Sorrell


Sadiq Hough


Bears Freak

go Bears


Bears 34 – Redskins 13


Bears 34 – Redskins 13

Avery Stanley

This man is so underrated

SouthSide Chicago

Underrated. Huge part of the best defense in the league.


    SouthSide Chicago it sucks though how we are in the toughest division in the league

Pablo Moreno

The back bone of the defense

Andrew Owenby

Goldman never messes up. He is always right where he needs to be.

Joe Ramirez

Eddie Goldman is the best NG in the league

    Chase Carter


    Joe Ramirez

    @Chase Carter NT and NG are the same thing, smh

joneth piptne

Message to bears offense….play like a NFL team…. please

Terrel Ada

Eddie Goldman!! So underated! For 5years he shows up and he’s been ready and no injuries!!

Lamuel J Sackson

Most underrated player in the league!!!
Everyone should know this guy’s name hes a damn BEAST!!!!

Blue Bird

Gotta love Goldman!


Seems like an ultra classy guy, who is a vital part of our successful defense. I hope we can find a way to keep the bulk of this group together a long time. They are part of something special.

wing bolt

Dam good defensive lineman, one of the best. He may not get as much recognition but we pay attention. Keep up the good work Goldman.

James Martis

Heart and soul of the D

PD Gutierrez

As i read these comments, underrated comes up so many times. I wish to thank who ever thought to highlight Eddie Goldman. coming from WDC was huge . thanks for showing his background and please feature Eddie in the future.

abraham garcia

Sign Brown and Kaepernick👌👍

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