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Player Profile: Akiem Hicks

Defensive lineman Akiem Hick sits down with Jeff Joniak and talks about the Bears 2019 defense and growing through early struggles in his career.


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Kevin Tross Reply

Born to be a Chicago Bear

Faze Craig Paul Reply

Akiem “The Dream” Hicks

Douglas Dyer Reply


Electric Reply

Chicago Bears are fortunate to have such a talented, high character, down to earth player on defense. Please not waste his and another talented defense because the offense can’t carry its weight. BEAR DOWN, GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NicholasKerrFan4Life 00 Reply

One of the most underrated guys in the league, true warrior!

Jay Bird Reply


immasoxfanbaby Reply

Just by default as you’re running down the denver sideline sack the former defensive coach and help him up off the ground.

reallybenG Reply

Hands down my favorite Bear. Chicago loves you Akiem!

PHILosophy 1990 Reply

Loved this guy since we got em…..Akiem was a born BEAR!

Sadiq Hough Reply


BlackTopHemi 17 Reply

Let’s get this Win Babyyy

Bear from Buxte Reply

🗣️📢 Let’s go Akiem 🐻 🏈💙🧡

Lamuel J Sackson Reply

We got nothing but dawgs on this defense !!! Akiem is a beast !!!
🐻⬇️ let’s get that W tomorrow!!

Jt Williams Reply

Akiem needs to watch the personal fouls/unnecessary roughness- he could have gotten 15 for grabbing Rodgers by the head last week.

juice9100 Reply

Love him on this defense, let’s dominate

Daniel Lopez Reply

Like he said were to good of a team to lose the way we did last year. Playoffs is on my mind and then the greatness

Dominik P. Reply

Im buying 96 jersey!!!

John Froelich Reply

This is a special player…

duane jessup Reply

To think my Saints drafted him and traded him to Pats cus we switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 for 1 season, then the Pats traded him to Da Bears cus they didn’t want to pay him like Brandon Cooks. Crazy

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