Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Fransisco 49ers Week 3 Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mike Jay Reply

Jimmy G is gonna get 4-5 TD’s and score 28-20 or 28-17

    dkdon2844 Reply

    @Shrimply Pibbles 4 x 7 is 28

    Shrimply Pibbles Reply

    You said 4-“5”

    dkdon2844 Reply

    @Shrimply Pibbles but still be thought Jimmy g would most likely throw 4 TDS

    salamander337 Reply

    Why not? Ever since Jimmy has been our starter we’ve been putting up 30+ points.

Escocivo 30 Reply

Niners crush the Steelers

Niners 35
Steelers 10

    Samuel Buffington Reply

    Escocivo 30 fact

Greg Dunn Reply

Bout time your “experts” gave the Niners some respect. We’re gonna tear the Steelers apart

    Black Prince Reply

    Expert definition = X = unknown factor, pert = drip under pressure.
    All equals a drip under pressure.
    just sayn’

gustavo juarez Reply

Don’t forget this is the niners home opener as well.

Living Legend Reply

This is another dominant game for the niners

Win Deezy Reply

stay hungry and stay healthy, we got got this Niners Faithful!

The Great Asmodeseus Reply

I’m a Niners fan but come on we gotta stop acting cocky in these comment sections and making our fan base toxic and stop sleeping on the Steelers!!!

    Fluorescent Turtle Reply

    George Clinton yuh

    Makeup Minion Reply

    @salamander337 You forgot the hug

    imlegitcusimthaish Reply

    Ain’t no one being cocky, just showing some pride, and even more pride when we are on putting up solid numbers despite who we play

    Jose Angel Hernandez Reply

    agreed, die hard niner fan since i was a little, always stayed humble, always hoped for the best, and always cheered the niners win or lose.

Matthew Shortle Reply

Another episode of “Days of our Steelers” to come.
49ers: 35-28

    Mark Symbala Reply

    up Shut

    Yeh Reply

    Mark Symbala maybe u should up Shut

    Shourik Banerjee Reply

    UT will be happy that ben is no longer leading the team.

Fixer Upper Reply

Im starting to believe in Kyle Shanahans system.🏈🏈

    Famliy Family Reply

    It’s just a waiting game to see how good 49ers are best yet to come

Jerry Junior Reply

49ers are looking pretty strong Steelers 20 49ers 27

Tushar Lanka Reply

Niners fan here: I wouldn’t underestimate the Steelers. Mike Tomlin is a great coach, but it’s hard to see them do anything without Ben

    UsirRaMaroon Reply

    You got that backwards. Tomlin is a cheerleader, can the Steelers overcome that.

    Loanword Eggcorn Reply

    Mason Rudolph looked ok.

    TX Made Niner Reply

    Steelers are 1-5 when traveling to West Coast. I don’t think our players are paying attention to anything but winning and making a statement. We are hungry and tired of being wrote off since Harbaugh’s years. We will continue to keep smash mouth football and if we clean up our penalties and not shoot ourselves in the foot, we’ll be good. Go Niners

Steve Abitante Reply

49ers are Cooking Steeler Meat on Defense 37-3

Julian Ruvalcaba Reply

Don’t forget that this is the Niners home opener, that place is going to be rocking like crazy.

    YMSA (: Reply

    Julian Ruvalcaba after back to back road wins?? It’s going to be nuts in there

America 81 Reply

Being Cocky in the NFL doesn’t help at all it’s like a Bad Cancer that spreads ill just say this I hope we do good 😎!!!!!!!

    Mark Symbala Reply

    cocky? Fran San

    Lacey Forever Reply

    After the past couple of years I feel that we beat cancer and have every right to celebrate =)

    Dan Sanderlin Reply

    It’s ok for fans to be cocky but the coaches and players need to back it up and be humble. They do their thing and we support them.

    you're right Reply

    it’s bad Juju

Nathaniel Hijada Reply

Stay humble Niner Faithful. Let’s go

Zain Rahman Reply

I’ve been waiting 5 years for this!!!! #NinerNation #Faithful

pinkfloydfan8 Reply

Steelers are NOT putting up 28 points against that Defense!

    Bomac94 Reply

    Or 17 points lol

    Adam Ellwanger Reply

    10 points max

    Dan Sanderlin Reply

    13-17 pts max for Steelers in garbage time.

Gibster Reply

we rolling faithful, lets keeps this early momentum going. 35-17

Miggy Moneybags Reply

right now Steelers fans are trying to take back their bets they made with their 49er friends

    Chris Flores Reply

    Pretty much yeah

Scott Broyles Reply

Trap game alert SF. Pit will rally around Rudolph who was a Moncrief drop away from beating Sea last week. They just traded their 1st pick which shows they plan to win this year. Expect an inspired effort from the Steelers in what amounts to a playoff game. If SF is for real this is the type of game we gotta pull out. Stay humble or be humbled. 27-24 49ers.

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