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Don’t even need to watch to know they both pick NE.



    @Xhoven sir Brady is 5-0 with 18 TD and 0 int against Pittsburgh @home.


    @Lil Goat Y’all was the browns cheerleaders in week 17?


    @YEAH IGHT That is true, but I was just talking about Big Ben’s games against the Patriots, so I omitted the 2002 game.


    @Xhoven oh I see 😁😁my bad

    Liberal Rod

    @L . O . R we did the last two seasons counting the Jesse James robbery

Jett 141414

HereWeGo Steelers

D 17

If Patriots lose

Skip Bayless: Bill Belichick has done it again, this defense played atrocious and I just feel awful for the GOAT Tom Brady for his team’s and COACH’s performance yesterday.

Shannon Sharpe: But Skiiiiiiiiiiiiip, I told you, this is Tom Brady’s last year as a starting QB, he is just too old Skip.

Max Kellerman: Ladies and gentlemen I’ve been telling you all along the CLIFF HAS ARRIVED!

Five months later…

“and the Patriots have won their seventh Lombardi”

    Austen Schneider

    I read all of those lines in their appropriate voices and they’re all spot on.


    😂😂😂😂what accuracy!!!

    Eman Paul

    D17 that’s badass and true

    donald deluxe

    The Gamer Topping everyone must make it hard for the pats to win a game. We have to make the pats 6-10 to not be playoff eligible.


    Tbh I don’t see Pats making the SB I think they will lose in the AFC championship game.

D. H.

Picking the Patriots has to be the safest bet in all of sports.

    D Mur

    according to Vegas, betting on thr Pats is one of the safest bets in sports.


    D. H. The safest bet in sports is the bengals will never win a playoff game.

    EastCoast Arachnids

    tlovehater you sound salty little man

    jordan sheppard

    Not last year lol

    Jp IsmenameYT

    Not abasing the dolphin 😂

jay kush

Who cares patriots always start of slow we will be in the playoffs i bet that


    It might matter if Steelers hold the tie breaker. Patriots need to be 1st or 2nd seed to go far in the playoffs.

    Austin Madore

    jay kush wow, a bandwagon getting excited about making the playoffs with a guaranteed six wins a season by playing in the worst division in sports. Congrats bandwagon

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @jay kush What are the Pats doing that’s so special

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @JoshuaM Steelers aren’t even winning that division lol


Tom Brady will be a Force Ghost in 2085 quarterbacking New England.

    Tyrell Brown


King Jdm

Sleep on the Steelers all you want just know we’re under dogs


    Against a team that haven’t lost at home since week 4 of 2017 and fresh off of a superbowl win. U sound pretty damn stupid. Why would the Steelers be a favorites? Of course they’re the underdogs u fool!!!

    Dark Knight

    King Jdm Patriots will always be favorites during home games. How’s that sleeping on y’all lol

    you're right

    That’s okay I like it being quiet. I doesn’t matter if a bunch of 12 year old Patriots bandwagon fans don’t respect us.

    Lenin Franco

    Pats own your team dummy

Zach C

Always against the Steelers, but that’s fine. Shut out the noise.


    you're right

    It’s pretty hard to shut out the noise of all these 12 year old Patriots bandwagon fans


    @SuperJohn12354 they’re *

    Lenin Franco

    You know why? Because the pats beat Pittsburgh all the time, so go check bradys record against your pathetic team.. Anyone will pick new england specially here in Foxborough.

    kealii Lee

    Steelers garbage that’s why 🤣😂🤣

    Vedant Leva

    Zach C we lose to the pats every year for every game almost. They just came off a SB win and it’s at home. I think they’re gonna win lol

silver surfer

Did this guy really say you have to confuse 20 year veteran Tom Brady 🙄🙄🙄.

    jordan sheppard

    Bring pressure he will force passes

    Aspis Gaming

    @jordan sheppard that’s not enough, you need to disguise things so that he slows down just enough while processing it. That way either he will force the pass or take a sack

    Brenda Einloth

    @jordan sheppard I agree, the only way to beat Brady is put pressure on him………non stop pressure, dude had getting hit!!.Bush and TJ Watt is coming for him!!!

    Simon Roy

    A good pass rush is Brady’s kryptonite


    I died in the inside bro

Dominique Walton

Still sleeping, let’s wake em up
#HereWeGo #SteelCurtain


    Dominique Walton remember when the steel curtain tied the Browns week one last year

    WorldsWorst Fifaplayr

    you’re right amen

    Just Jack on Sports

    Dominique Walton yessir

RFS Family Sports

Both teams have been the AFC’s best since Brady and Big Ben has been in the league.
Sometimes losing a game like this can help a team get better throughout the season.
A loss by either wouldn’t be the end of the world, it might result in the spark that help lights the fire for a powerhouse.


“We did our job” – Cybernetically enhanced Tom Brady in Year 3019

Liberal Rod

This game comes down to defense and if the Steelers can get the turnovers, they will get the W


    Bet me it won’t be close pats win at home

Austen Schneider

Remember when the Steelers tied the “Bakerless” Browns in week 1 last year?

Austin Ahern

Nice!!! Can’t wait for the season to start!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!


I want the Steelers to win, but I know the Patriots will win.


I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME! GO STEELERS! It’s going to be a good game!


All I got to say is 1-0


The only 2 teams with 6 Superbowl wins hopefully it’s a good one, But then again the patriots are like the big brother of the Steelers always beating them up. #STEELERNATION

you're right

Let’s go boys. Drop a big black and gold Dookie on their banner ceremony.

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