Pierre Desir Wants To Prove What He Can Do Everyday – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Parthiv Patel Reply

Pierre Desir is gonna make the pro bowl

    James Hall II Reply

    Prefer to see him in Miami instead 😎

Damon Macy Reply


1cent Reply


Harpoon_Bakery Reply

this whole team needs to man-up including pierre. the desire to get better has to outweigh all other distractions. gunna move up the ladder better get on it now. the future is now for every player showing up to training camp. training camp will not really get going until beginning of August or a bit later. It’s all about the system, getting on the right diet, and learning the names of other players and coaches…that’s really all that’s going on now……oh, and putting up with the media.

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Barbara Chieppo Reply

I like Desir I like his athleticism and his length Go Colts🏈

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