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Pierogi Hot Dog | Browns Tasty Tailgate

Check out this recipe for the Pierogi Hot Dog, a great snack for your next tailgate!

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Ridiculous! I love it! Bound to be a true Cleveland Classic!

Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN

As a Ravens fan this is the only thing good about your team.

    Max Mathews


    Jeffrey Hildack

    @Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN https://youtu.be/74Kh20Jwi1w is all I meant. General sentiment

    Edward Gaines

    You do realize the Ravens are actually the Browns of old, correct?

    Jeffrey Hildack

    @Edward Gaines Me? Oh I know…


    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN I can’t wait till Myles takes out Lamar

Casey Palumbo

Soooo…isn’t this practically the same thing as the Thomenator the Indians had a couple years ago?

Edward Gaines

Pierogi hot dogs?

Can I buy those in Parma?


Doesn’t go well together at all, sorry


Polish Boys or else!

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