Phillip Dorsett: “This whole team is about competition” | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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FaroStar Reply

This guy is a true Patriot

Corey Reply

I’m so glad to see this guy succeeding. He seems so humble and hard working.

Giovanni di Capo Reply

I like Dorsett – he’s a true Patriot but AB is a “baller”. They’re going to work him in the play and he’s getting some catches.

John Stachulski Reply

I like this kid. He’s got a patriot attitude

Johnny Lawrence Reply

The mindset of a team player, a Patriot, a champion, this guy is awesome.

Toa Mataafa Reply

1👎🏽must be a Steeler fan👀😂🤣

Raja Atchutuni Reply

I hope they get Josh Gordon on here too

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

Dorsett is a good 3rd or 4th receiver with Gordon and Edelman taking pressure off of Dorsett. With AB in the mix, Brady won’t be targeting Dorsett much again.

Im1CrazyCow Reply

Awesome young Man I hope he has a Great Year and maybe let the old guy Julian have a few weeks Cow}:-o)

Paul McCartknee Reply

Most underrated Patriots receiver

Richard Cerritelli Reply

people don’t realize although he portrays himself as an average receiver he was a top pick coming out of college number one draft choice maybe it’s true potential might finally come out

snipe69 Reply

How is a 16 year old allowed to play in the NFL?

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Let’s go-Your time in Miami, Phil
Good luck for Sunday 👍👍
Excellent comment:
“a lot of noise around the team”.
Business as usual = that is the best! !!!

Austin Ahern Reply

Let’s go Phillip!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

AwesomePossum703 Reply

Dorsett has become what Jabbar Gaffney used to be for the Pats. He makes clutch catches when you least expect it at some crucial points in games

demarco washington Reply

Brady loves to go to you?? Since when?? He should use him more no doubt.

Kanye East Reply

Get Josh the mf Flash Gordon on here.

M. Marcam Reply

This man can catch and fly,legit first rounder

larry wallace Reply

It’s time to have a Patriot td party down in Miami !!!! Let’s go pats!

Kenny Burr Reply

Love this guy!! Great attitude and very good WR.. Go Patriots!!

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