Philip Rivers Mic’d Up vs. Texans, “He’s the new Clowney!” | NFL Mic’d Up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Fuji san Reply

Keenan Allen was on fire 🔥 love Philip personality. GO BOLTS ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Brian SubKillaz Reply

LMAO Phillip telling Addae he doesn’t know what’s happening.

    Fuji san Reply

    LOL 😂 former jack boy RIP 😭

    J W Reply

    I wanted to hear what he said after he got strip sacked as a Texan fan. Was a really good game.

Killa Reply


Game sees game.


Bolt Gang Super Bowl 54 Champs!! Yes we’re off to a slow start. But will bounce back I guarantee it!!

    Christopher Hannibal Reply

    @BOLT HEAD in my opinion not with y’all qb he is really good to me and always been but it’s time for y’all to move on and draft a youngster with some speed and arm.

    BOLT HEAD Reply

    @Christopher Hannibal eventually but not yet

    Kirk Moore Reply

    The LA Chokers
    Different city, same throat!

    Kirk Moore Reply

    “Salty fan” is the sports equivalent of fake news. If you don’t like reality, it’s easier than admitting you’re wrong…

Daryl Sandlin Reply

They’ll clean this up. Look what they did after the 0-4 start before….13 games to go folks. Rivers isn’t sweating, so we shouldn’t either!!

    Kexin Reply

    JudasPriest714 How many TDs did Mike Williams catch in this year. Oh yeah, none.

    FirstPersonWinner Reply

    They went 12-4 last year with a bunch of injuries after a 2-2 start

    JudasPriest714 Reply

    Kexin No but last year he won is the freakn’ Chiefs game

    David Quintanar Reply

    @wikedwun and still choked in the playoffs like the losers they are and always will be

    chris madsen Reply

    @JudasPriest714 lol Texans are awesome and won 11 games last year. What are you smoking

artfire28 Reply

If my Bolts lose at Miami, I’ll lose my mind and get off from this cheating and greedy league who gets to decide who will win and lose.

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Billy Jean LMAO💀

    Victor Lott Reply

    Eyeballz205 naw

    Victor Lott Reply

    Eyeballz205 imagine scoring 3 second half points and blaming the refs😭😂 and that second touchdown before halftime y’all had was off bullshit calls. Called pi on lonnie Johnson and it wasn’t in fact it was 2calls

Andrew Collins Reply

Lmao rivers cooked addae “you don’t know what’s coming”💀

Shokase Reply

The Watt family is nothing but stand up people – Respect 👊 Go Bolts ! ⚡

Ron Silvia Reply

Chargers will be just fine y’all we always start slow and finish strong when the going gets rough the tough get going

wikedwun Reply

Rivers is the best! His micd up are always hilarious

Kev Smith Reply

Rivers telling Addae like it is 😂

Kareem Ilaian Reply

“You’re one of the smartest I’ve ever played against”

liveyourlife97 D Reply

Besides rivers having a big family to feed…he does this for the love of the game

    Dominic B Reply

    The more kids he has, the better chance they make it to the NFL

RetroK Reply

All us fans want is a touchdown in the second half

chargers fan123 Reply

Keep your head up bolt gang. We started 1-2 last year. 13 games to go

Ted Unseth Reply

The first play from scrimmage I watched JJ Watt just plow ahead. What makes Watt special is his motor. He never stops believing or coming after you. As a former high school QB that would be mentally tough to handle. You just knew Watt was going to get his eventually after being tripled teamed at times the first 2 games. To miss 2 seasons basically and bounce back last year to be the 2nd best D player in the league is incredible. That is why Donald has so much respect for Watt. You notice teams don’t tease him. It’s a matter of time he does something incredible. He should have won the MVP one year. He scored 5 td’s in a season. Different era’s are hard to compare. LT is the gold standard. Watt will be missed someday. Watt would have 35 more sacks for missing 2 seasons in his prime. In today’s league it’s to protect the QB. Imagine Watt in the 90’s. Let that sink in. He is rated number 12 by his peers. He has been number 1 before. Players know. With Mercilus playing out of his mind will open up more opportunities. The Texans held the Chargers to 3 points in the second half. A 58 yard fg from being 3-0. The O line starting to come together. Watson is a winner. Hopkins the best WR in the game. Nobody thinks the Texans are a threat. This team is 13-3 in their last 16 football games.

Vinicius Fonseca Reply

He’s the reason I’m a Chargers fan, tbh. I live in Brazil and have no strings with SD or LA – but I liked SD more than LA 😀

The Masoko Reply

When he said he’s the new clowney I thought he would be talking about Whitney

Stevie Janowski Reply

Falcons fan. When I see Philip Rivers mic’d, I click

SerGon23 Reply

I was at this game. I remember seeing the moment at :52 live and that was pretty funny to see

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