Philip Rivers Mic’d Up at Training Camp, “He don’t have a helmet on!” | NFL Mic’d Up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Archxn Archxn

Rivers saying bro is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen 😂

    Jesse Papike

    Hahahaha, I was thinking the same exact thing!!!!

    Richard Rodriguez



    Lmfaooo I’ve been watching that over and over

    El3PH4NTE M4N

    Haha .. bro

Scott Donovan

0:50 👀👀


    Dude this comment made me laugh 😂


Rivers is the goat


2:12 daaaaam!!!!!

Kevin Harris

Our fearless leader!

thunderbolts 24

daw gammit he didn’t say “hey Ronnnnnn, hey Ronnnn, Ronnnn!!!! 3rd down?” 😂

Daegan Patterson

The editors probably like when rivers is miced so they don’t have to bleep any words

    Diego Acuña

    Funny enough he probably swears more then any other QB on that field. Lol.

    Aqua Epic

    Diego Acuña He doesnt swear at all

    George Clayton

    Listen to the breakdown at the end, idk what Rivers said but they muted him

Alex Wake

Rivers: I’m mic’d today
Everyone else: groans of “oh no”
Haha, they all know how much Rivers likes to talk


Are we really just gonna ignore the fact that Felipe just caught that one hander at 0:50

    Kyle Grunert

    cs cs you’re a fucking idiot


    @cs cs you racist

    Kyle Grunert

    Not to mention the Chargers play in Mexico this year lol cs cs is gonna boycot that game.

Brian Messer

Phil really cussed at the end and said kick some a** I am shocked 😂

    RathDavid Hy

    I thought so too… lol.

Sonny Pereyra

Phil saying Bro is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Sonny Pereyra

Phil’s One Handed Catch > OBJ’s One Handed Catch.


2:11 god damn Justin lmao

    Average Baller05

    I know he got laid

    Brandon Gomez

    he got a concussion forsure lolol

Raulito Alvarez ll

Puro Pinche Felipe Rios👍🏽⚡️

    Javier FVA

    A huevooooo

Michael mariano

I neeeeeed a video of Philip rivers mic’d up at least once a week

The Crimson Chin

The River is charged, prepare to be shocked this year.

AaronBucksTho Fam First

Mike Williams is having a great offseason

Joel Ojeda

I love phil but he was calling for team stretch but he barely even stretched 😂

thunderbolts 24

Can you imagine how boring it’s gonna be without Rivers in the league 😔

    Legend__ 21


Legend__ 21

I wish he could be our QB forever🤧, love you Phil💪🏾💯⚡

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