Philip Rivers Highlights from First Start vs. Denver Broncos (Week 11, 2006) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tyler Poore

Huge fan can I get a heart


They’re going to do great #BOLTUP

Ryan Duffy

and he hasn’t missed a game since

Freddy Castaneda

Mahomes should take notes

Ryan Duffy

Man, that pylon throw to Vincent Jackson… looks just like a throw Rivers would make today

Dane Grippo

Awww baby goat


Let’s go 3-2 Bolt Gang please!!!!!

Jeffrey Hsu

yall notice how half these hits are prob a flag in the today’s nfl

    George Clayton

    Jeffrey Hsu yall notice all the CTE diagnosed in old school players

Jul Bird

A magical season in my hometown of SD

    Mark Mace

    The talent on that team should have got us a ring I really believe it I’ve been watching the Chargers since 1969 but that year was quite special.

    Jul Bird

    @Mark Mace i agree, that year should of at least been in the SB


these guys look like NFL BLITZ players βš‘πŸ‘βš‘πŸ‘βš‘πŸ‘βš‘πŸ‘


Rivers to Tomlinson!! Rivers to Gates!! man i miss those days!


Young Philip Rivers. This team should’ve won the super bowl that year 😒😒

    Sam W.

    To this day, I still blame Marlon McCree lol…. but we still could’ve made other opportunities to win that game.

Jr. Fabian

I still remember watching this game with my family in our living room when I was in middle school. Amazing memories πŸ’–

Nick Foxx

His throwing motion has gotten so much better over time, it’s just plain ugly here (but still effective). Looks like he’s shoving the ball out there.

    Strykr Pinoy

    Um it looks identical for me at least LOL.

Sunday Scaries

Just getting to hear all those names again was heaven πŸ™Œ

E. Garcia90

Man i miss those uniforms and helmets!

H Eck

2006 was a good year to be a San Diegan and a chargers fan

Air for Life

They would have beat Chicago in the Super Bowl that year if not for Marlon McCree.


0:43 is 100% a flag today lol

Jake Adams

Good ol Madden “it’s either gonna be a touchdown or an incomplete pass”

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