Philip Rivers Charges to Victory w/ 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Life Analyst

Philip rivers has been carrying this franchise for a decade and a half. Most underrated clutch qb

    Slim Vickins

    His defense can’t even slow down Brissett..doesn’t matter if he’s one of the best backups…this defense is supposed to be elite and give any QB problems! Worst offensive tackles in the NFL. Gets picked off one handed and ungrateful fans throw a fit. Rivers has to be flawless for this team to win. Rarely if ever gets help from his teammates and coaches. Luckily Vinateiri went Younghoe Strurgis! No QB carries their team as much as Rivers has to…NONE!

    Austin Full

    Rivers has been one of the best QB in history, too bad.


    The Life Analyst I wouldn’t take him over prime Ben or Eli they were too clutch but currently I would take him over them.

kevin feola

Chargers for fan Life #BoltUp

    Buns Loco

    kevin feola Dean Spanos is a scumbag. Charges are still OUR team. #Dago619

too many men on the field

If not the Colts then I’m rooting for the Chargers to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, classy fanbase and Rivers is a good QB and deserves a ring. GG

    Cruizee 87

    We appreciate that on behalf of the Chargers fan base⚡️⚡️

    Ty Nao

    you know Brady is still playing right? Everyone in the AFC other than the Pats is awful. Chiefs are the 2nd best team in the AFC and they have the worst defense in the NFL. AFC is like HS ball

    Cruizee 87

    Ty Nao They’re beatable tough but not impossible.. and Chiefs don’t have the worst defense they’re bad but there’s way worse😂😂

    Shawn Christianson

    Ty Nao They had the worst defense in the NFL. The game was 37-13 on Sunday in the fourth and KC just played soft defense so the Jags scored 2 meaningless TD’s. KC has the best QB in the league and the most potent offense that can and will out score anyone.

    Johnny Newport

    Thanks man 🙂 #boltup

Craig Adams

Chargers will win the AFC. Pin this comment.

    Zak Scott G

    I hope so.But that O-Line is suspect. Not to mention our defense too

    Shawn Christianson

    Craig Adams Not with Mahomes in the division. Take the L

Hector Rodriguez

Philip Rivers is a first-ballot hall-of-famer if he doesn’t get a single Super Bowl ring

    Ty Nao

    Rivers is awful

    Johnny Newport

    @Ty Nao he is really good actually. He is making the HOF

Isaac Stottlemyer

Ekeler deserves the highlight reel here, powered through so much to help us get the W

Chicken Soup

I like the Chargers cheerleaders’ new unis

The Valiant Victini


    rapidfire m16

    Yes that Is another word for win

Luis Lara

What a great first game, but we should of finished them early but we can learn from that right? Rivers is out their having fun witch is very important, for me and the team. ⚡⚡⚡


That’s my h.o.f. QB! Keep his highlights coming.

    Ty Nao

    yeh they let anyone in the HOF nowadays

El guapo del feugo

Last year the o line couldn’t run block, this year they cant pass protect

    Slim Vickins

    What? Exactly like last year. 30th in pass pro last year.

Eduardo Rivera - Torres

Rivers deserves a ring

    Shawn Christianson

    Gotta earn it. He is Garbo in the playoffs. You don’t deserve anything in the NFL.


Keenan Allen is a top 4 WR don’t @ me

    Cavan Cox

    He’s been for awhile man


    @Cavan Cox Yes sirrrr


Rivers looks like he runs so fast when he’s running to celebrate with his teammates compared to when he’s running for a first down.

Rusty Tree

Pickin up from last year with all of the firsts, starting with winning our first opening game in 6 years 😈 bolt gang ⚡️

Manny Flores

Gold face mask’s are legit

Geoff Thompson

There are a dozen teams or more that could win the Super Bowl this season in the NFL. That’s obvious in all of the quarterbacks who came out ready to play week 1 in a surgical way.

Johnny Newport

I love you Phil!

Chris Banuelos

They should have put in the OT TD

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