Philip Rivers & Chargers vs. Drew Brees & Saints 2019 QB Accuracy Challenge – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Legend__ 21

I came here to tell y’all NO MORE DAMN SCRIMMAGES!!!…im still hurting from that derwin injury😒

    Mystic.Jackson Gaming

    @Armando Verdugo adrenaline is one hell of a drug. I remember I broke my finger and it was bent at a very noticeable angle during on of my games and my teammate noticed it before I did. I remember hurting it like 6 or 7 plays before but didnt really look at it or assess it. I played rest if game and got it realigned and had it in a tight metal cast thing and played rest of season and did fine i even had an interception with it on. (I was a DE and LB so it wasnt as big a deal as like a wr or qb). Foot is definetly different tho. Affects your mobility which u have to have in secondary. I’m just saying he might’ve thought it was just a bruised bone or something and didnt hurt nearly as bad as it did when adrenaline was gone and he was in bed that night or something

    Tee M

    @Mystic.Jackson Gaming Man I hope so I have faith in Derwin James young man is a bad man And in my opinion can be the anchor of a defense for the next 10 years plus like ed reed was Troy polamalu.. He’s that damn good bolt up family

    Mystic.Jackson Gaming

    @Tee M bolt up baby

    Tee M

    @Mystic.Jackson Gaming yes sir bolt up and bowl up baby …we gonna win this year for ..SEAU..RIVERS..LT…GATES

    B.a.n Phanzo

    Nah derek

Ron Silvia

Easton stick is looking more impressive as time goes on

    Star Destroyer_E19

    Ron Silvia 💯💯💯

    Will Winstead

    Stick is my friends, friemds cousin lol

    Ron Silvia

    @Will Winstead hes definitely going to make the team he has a lot of potential 👍👍👍

    shane h

    @Ron Silvia I believe they already announced the 53 man roster and you’re right. He’s on it!

    Charlie King

    Will Winstead Stick is my ex gf’s husband’s son’s friend’s friend’s second cousin

R&B Music

Easton was dropping that thing on the money!!!

Charles Newberry

All I think of when I watch this is “man, NFL receivers are amazing!” Lol I’m sure it’s harder than it looks

    RebelTEXAN 281

    Charles Newberry you also gotta think they’re trying to hit smaller areas and they don’t have arms to reach out and catch.

Inaren Commander

Brees: I am the team.

    Inaren Commander

    @Hokage DLO You can’t deny the skill gap between Brees and the others.

    Hokage DLO

    @Inaren Commander tjats my point dude saw the score an was like ok now lets get this party started

    Charlie Holcomb

    Inaren Commander Hill clutched up in the second challenge

    Trip Aces

    Where is Dak in the group? *smirk*

    Jeff Lee

    The team who got beat by the charger 😂


I would love to see my Saints and the Chargers in the bowl.

    Professor Wiesy

    I’m fan of neither team but I still would love to see that

    Zachary Blythe

    TheLordGmoney Brees Vs Rivers is such a great storyline

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @Zachary Blythe frfr

Daniel Murillo

Teddy Bridgewater fell off hard man


    Daniel Murillo well he had his knee basically ripped off his body, his injury was legit career ending 15-20 years ago, he’s secured his bag and got himself and his mom living right can’t hate that


    That concussion when he was nocked for like 5 mins messed him up bad he was never the same after that

Terry Mcmillan

Damn Cardale is all upper body. Imagine if he threw with his whole body


    Dude he was throwing zingers with ease

Beardy McBeardface

Bruh when Brees went 3 for 3 on his first game oh my i got hype af

Don Solo

Ladies and gentlemen the most accurate QB in NFL history: drew brees

    Jeffrey Ferraro96

    I know right he’s the best. But hill did great too

    FOE Whiz

    Taysom Hill was money on those fatheads too 🔥


Teddy kinda blows with accuracy…

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @KINGinaNORTH Well he gets praised because he fought back from an injury that most would not. It was a long and cruel process and people respect that. Even if he wasn’t the best QB when healthy your question was “why does he get so much praise” there you go people reward perseverance. And you can’t tell me injuries didn’t rob him because most QB’s improve rehabbing for 2 years definitely derailed his career.


    @Minnesota SportsFan point is the injury didn’t rob him of anything outside of a backup role which is what he currently has. He would not have lasted as a starting QB in this league, sorry bud he’s just not that good injury or not. Compared to me he is great compared to other 32 QBs he would be at the very bottom of that list. Injuries are a part of the game, his injury although gruesome and terrible I’m sure is nothing new to the sport. He was aided by the fact that it happened at such a young age and his career isn’t over, it’s just that I never understood the praise prior to the injury not post. The base for your arguement has no merit based on mine being related to pre-injury.

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @KINGinaNORTH I guess we just have different opinions on how good he was. As a Vikings fan I’ve seen every game he ever played and I know he’s not at the bottom of the 32 QB list. Heck he even made a pro bowl. I know with a little more time he would have progressed as a deep field passer as he was already a good short range qb and he could scramble. He wasn’t a backup when healthy and several teams would have had him as a starter. Pre-injury he was a solid QB and you discredit him for what he accomplished. I don’t know why but to answer your first question he is praised because he was a fan favorite. A nice person and a solid QB who led his team to a division title. Note we would have even won a playoff game if not for the Blair Walsh miss.


    @Minnesota SportsFan men lie women lie but numbers don’t. Between 2014-2015 he was 26th of 32 QB statistically. I get it, when your a Vikings fan and he played for your team you can’t help but look at a player through a different prism than outsiders, it’s called bias. I can tell you as an outsider (Eagles die-hard) I never saw Teddy as anything more than a backup QB. I’m sure he would have won many Payton Awards for person of the year but as a player, he just wasn’t very good. Sorry bud, I’m trying to see where you are forming your opinion but outside of being bias there’s no one that would consider him anything more than a backup. If you go back to his pro day workout, his performance was very underwhelming or poor at best. He doesn’t have a very strong arm, with scouts considering his arm talent as below average during his pro day workout and he ran a 4.78 on his first attempt and elected not to run a second time as is customary. Good luck to him but to say injury robbed him no. Injury robbed Luck who was on the flip side of Bridgewater extremely talented with a proven track record, that’s the difference. Teddy had a horrible injury but that injury has nothing to do with his arm talent he was never a scrambler so he should be able to perform at a high level if he had the ability. Hes still very young but just doesn’t possess starting QB talent

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @KINGinaNORTH Maybe I am just biased but I think there was room for improvement in teddy’s game. Even if the injury was non arm related it still halted 2 years of his development. Maybe he never would have gotten better than you would be right. But I just think he got that chance token away from him. That’s why he gets praise really. Empathy.

Jamaljr Christmas

Teddy not the same no more god damn

    agci comedy

    Jamaljr Christmas He’s not the same anymore but at least he’s still doing what he loves to do and is healthy again

Henry Harrison

Is it just me or does it feel like Philip Rivers has been the quarterback for the Chargers for the last 20 or 30 years?

    Sean Boyce

    Jeff Lee
    He’s looking ok today tho

    Jeff Lee

    @Sean Boyce I know not bad for a man with nine daughters

    Sean Boyce

    Jeff Lee yes lol

    Jeff Lee

    @Sean Boyce you know who cry more Tom Brady Everytime he loses he and his team think a way to cheat to win


    @Sean Boyce He’s actually 5-6 in the playoffs. I don’t think he’s overrated but he has yet to get the job done. Still a HOFer.

Bruce Benson

Brees is the most accurate QB, I believe I have ever seen… It is stupid how accurate he is, but yet some of his wideouts DROP THE BALL!!!

    M T

    Ummmm Brees has the most sure-handed wideouts in the league lmao

Mystic.Jackson Gaming

I’m weak that Warford did it 😂😂

Mountain Dave

Tasom Hill looks confused AF as to why he’s hanging out with all these legit QBs.


    Lmao he’s confused about what position he is😂

agci comedy

Is it just me or is it weird seeing Rivers and Brees hang out after what happened back in the 00’s

nicholas swint

You just have to appreciate Philip rivers competitiveness he shows it in practices and games he’s such a cool dude

    Nick Cojocar

    Yeah rivers is good


I think the Saints and Charger are probably one of the few teams that actually get along in the NFL

Steven Ferris

Well we now know which teams are hoarding all the black QBs

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