Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Review That Reply

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t look the same :'(

    Review That Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT barely a team to carry…

    RetroSpace111 Reply

    yes barely a 3-0 team to carry /s

    aaron berhane Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Kyler needs to carry you’re team 😂😂😭

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    It’s a new haircut.

    Review That Reply

    Aaron Rodgers its a new beard you mean

Julian Stallmann Reply

31-17 Pack
Whats your prediction?

    Andrew Kleiboer Reply

    24-14 packers

    Dave Hibbs Reply

    EAGLES will be 1-3 😂😂😂

    Anthony Marici Reply

    33-13 GB

    Jason Strom Reply

    Eagles 31
    Packers 20.
    Packers strengths don’t match well with what the Eagles do on defense. Plus Alshon is back. Something different will happen tonight. A little injection of the Underdog always seems to get this team motivated as well. So the Eagles come into Green Bay and dominate.

Rogelio Valadez Reply

“So they just started throwing babies, and we was catching them, unlike Agholor.” Lol

    Jerome Johnson Reply

    Rogelio Valadez that’s trash 🗑 because Agholor our only on the field

    Dmanmotto Official Reply

    @Jerome Johnson nah man Alshon got cleared to play

    Dino Anthony Reply

    Alligator arms agholor!

    Jaz Henry Reply

    Rogelio Valadez 😂😂😂 #classic

    Fernando Ramirez Reply

    That’s never gonna get old… That muthafackkaaa stole the keys to the bus full of kids right in front of the police department and threw aghlor under the bus and reversed a couple times lol

J Stiles Reply

A-ROD will have a four TD’s in this game and my score 31-21

    DcLProductions Reply

    Get Money Carson wentz is gonna get sacked 8 times and throw 2 picks. Packers run a lot of man to man and the eagles don’t have anyone that’s faster than Alexander. Wentz is gonna be on the ground a lot. If you seriously think the eagles are flying into Green Bay and beating them on a short weak with half the defense out your smoking

    Terrance Carmichael Reply

    @DcLProductions Don’t be surprised if an upset happens. Eagles perform best when they’re doubted and they play up to good comp, like they did the Rams last season

    DcLProductions Reply

    Terrance Carmichael that was also not Carson wentz playing qb… don’t act like Green Bay isn’t being doubted. Aaron Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder and he’s going up against a completely depleted secondary. I’m all in for a rod w at least three tds and 30 plus points total.

    Henry Esparza Reply

    @DcLProductions on point

Lee Olson Reply

Whether you like it or not, new term is Green Bay Sackers, and once the offense finds their groove… let’s just say I’m excited to put Dallas down.

    Lagstorm Reply

    Dallas loses in New Orleans this weekend when they meet an actual playoff team. They’ve played three garbage teams in the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins.

    Lee Olson Reply

    Cristiano Euronaldo your obviously an oblivious cowboy fan. Amazing on you all come out of the woodwork. Lag storm already said it, Dallas has played three of the best crap teams in the NFL, giants, redskins, and dolphins. All are 0-3 I believe? Shoot I mean the dolphins might as well just come out and say they are a guaranteed win for teams lol. Wikipedia still shows Aaron Rodgers as the owner of jerry land I think as well 😂

    Jhustice williams Reply

    Definitely Green Bay Sackers

    JT Saiyan Reply

    big task in Big D

    Daniel Reply

    Ty Jones Im not a fan of either team but the cowboys definitely have the more talented team with the better offense and defense they got a new coordinator and he’s actually using all the weapons available and not just zeke. It’s going to be a really good game can’t wait for the packers and Dallas game.

Adrian Gonzalez Reply

No Nick Foles to save the sorry Eagles this season after they fall to 1-3 🤣🤣🤣

    AARON B Reply

    MrZRACER wentz isn’t as good as s leader as foles . Receivers didn’t drop as many passes with foles . Carson wentz will get hurt for the 3 rd year

    Tyron Wells Reply

    @AARON B As a Packers fan Carson Recivers drop 7 passes

    Damn Feds Reply

    T Wik Reply

    Fudge packers suck

Marc Scott Reply

The Eagles secondary really sucks, Aaron Rodgers should lit them up so I say Packers win 35-14.

    Paulo Ameto Reply

    Marc Scott I’m with you

    Jason Strom Reply

    Eagles win 31-20.
    The Packers strengths don’t match up well against this Eagles team. Don’t even think about looking at the last two games to say who will win this. That would be a very dumb thing to do. And if you think not then just watch what happens tonight…lol!

    T Wik Reply

    Rodgers is declining

    poisonedpotion Reply

    @Jason Strom if anything its the eagles that dont match up well with the Packers. Packers O-line will have no trouble with your pass rush. Z and P Smith are going to be on Wentz all game. 30 – 17 Packers

Agent 14 Reply

Damn y’all got Carson stressing look at his hairline

    robin baby Reply



Edp445 about to have a heart attack after this game!

    GnarGada Reply

    Oh he already said Eagles are getting BTFO

Daniel Tayong Reply

Green Bay is going to twist their caps back……

Dan Customer Reply

Packers fans don’t count chickens before they hatch… Okay I counted them ! Packers 38 Philly 21!

    T Wik Reply

    Dan Customer packers will have another losing season

    Jamar Hunter Reply

    Is this guy serious talking about a losing season… just watch, packers vs Patriots in the bowl packers win packers vs cheifs in the bowl cheifs win packers win in regular season

    Saif Khan Reply

    Jamar Hunter Damn this guy has some real confidence in his team lol. Might I remind you that the chiefs and patriots have been dropping 40+ on teams with ease and Packers can’t even go past 30 lol.

Loyal Philly fan Reply

I’m gonna have to go with my eagles 28-24. I know our defense hasn’t been good but it looked way better when Darby got hurt. And this offense will get a huge boost with alshon returning this game and I got Wentz having another good game.

    Rafa CoolGuy Reply

    Loyal Philly fan lmaoooo you wish boy

    Ryan Walters Reply

    How are they going to post several scores against one of the better defenses in the league when they can’t beat Detroit here at home?

    21 Savage Reply

    I’m sorry I got Packers winning 24-10

    Nick Robbins Reply

    @Ryan Walters because they’ve done it countless times. They should’ve won against detroit even with alshon and desean out. They just missed opportunities like dropping the fckn ball 7 times 😂

ANAKIN2015 Sir Daniel Fortesque Reply

Win streak of 3-0 packers r the best! Go pack Go!! Eagles doesn’t stand a chance

    T Wik Reply

    ANAKIN2015 Sir Daniel Fortesque die pack die

    ANAKIN2015 Sir Daniel Fortesque Reply

    @T Wik say what u want pal the reality is that the packers will win

G.o.a.t P Reply

42-9 Packers 🙇🏾‍♂️. I believe Packers Defense gonna practice strip sacks on weintz all night. Rodgers throw 4 td’s

    Ty Jones Reply

    😂😂if they do that to wents fr that’s just wrong

    Killer Champion Reply

    @Ty Jones 🤣🤣

Jason D Reply

Packers 27, Eagles keep it close near the end, but fall just short at 23

The Sports Man Reply

RIP Eagles. The East goes through America’s Team.

The Sports Man Reply

Imagine being wentz and having to walk by a statue of your backup who did what you have been unable accomplish. lol forever in his shadow

LeBears Reply

I bet the eagles will lose from another un clutch drive

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    Lose, not loose.

Spermwhale1000 Reply

Eagles need a win or coaching staff will be reshuffled!

Charles Michael Reply

No way the Eagles lose and go 1 -3 i’ll bet the house on the Eagles.

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