Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons Postgame Show | 2019 Week 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dex Manns Reply

Wentz without Desean Alshon and Dallas and other injuries on offense/defense against a playoff caliber team and Carson was still able to fight and almost win us the game.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    are you even watching the game? he was full of ego and arrogance, bad throws (soooo bad) – egh

    Did you see Kelce having to keep consoling him, patting him on the shoulder and coddling him. fucking empty vessel

    Nathan DIaz Reply

    drealmerz7 z I think Wentz was trying too hard to make an amazing play. And he doesn’t distribute the ball-around the way Foles did. Wentz tends to only throw it to 2 receivers and only those two in a game. One thing that stood out with Foles was him utilizing everyone with no effort. Wentz had a lot of bad throws. Overthrowing, under throwing, he needs too settle down l. He’s not too accurate.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    @Nathan DIaz same old story, in year 4 it is no longer acceptable

    Nathan DIaz Reply

    drealmerz7 z I hear you bro! Him taking those hits too. Honestly I think he has some Brocken ribs or bruised ribs. They must have given him a cortisone shot at half time. Cause those throws before half were way off! McCown went in and marched down the field with no problem. Quick releases. Wentz is holding on for too long. Pocket collapses, those plays are nice but they can’t be done every snap.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    @Nathan DIaz yeah, and then Wentz came in and took McCown out (not what coach was doing) – really put a bad taste in my mouth how he handled all of that.

Kevin Salm Reply

Should of kicked the PAT instead of going for 2. I get what situation they were in but there is still plenty of time. When your key guys get injured you should really focus on the run. Dalvin Cook torched ATL last week and we could of easily taken advantage of them…This caused Wentz to do too much and it costed us. If im the Falcons a win is a win sure however they did everything they could to take an L and they made one big play to win it. Regardless, proud of the guys.. with what they had they made the best of it for the most part. Hopefully Alshon and Jaccpot aint out for too long.

    Kevin Salm Reply

    P.S can we trade dallas to the NFC South for ATL? Wouldn’t mind seeing us playing them 2x times a year.

    808bboarder Reply

    Eagles line was being blown up and they abandoned the run. Really only Keanu Neal was blowing coverages and that’s what allowed so much open looks. Falcons ran a 3-4 look and Vic and Tak in the 2 pt stance was blowing up the Oline and setting the edge. Wentz made some amazing plays avoiding the sack but the run was being taken away when ATL loaded the box and used a single set Safety. It was a sloppy game but home runs were hit when they mattered.

    Andrew Perdue Reply

    Kevin Salm yeah cause u scared to play Dallas

    neetrab Reply

    “Dalvin Cook torched ATL last week and we could of easily taken advantage of them…” — I don’t see a Dalvin Cook caliber runner on this team, do you? Because Miles Sanders hasn’t shown much to think he’s special. Jordan Howard did nothing either. OBVIOUSLY running the ball wasn’t working last night though. They were averaging 2.5 carries last night. That’s not gonna get it done, either and the coaches saw that. We were in the position to win with the plan they had. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Davon Norton Reply

What’s going on with all these injuries

    Manu Lepo Reply

    Ice and bandages 🤕

Piteus X Reply

LOL. The Eagles played terrible. They lost to a bad Atlanta team when Matt Ryan throwing INTs left and right.

    T bone Reply

    If the Eagles were a good team they would have destroyed the Falcons but they didn’t which tells me the Eagles aren’t that good. The Eagles O line looks terrible!!!!!

    T bone Reply

    @Larry King What’s your take on it genius?

    Manu Lepo Reply

    How many Wentz threw?

David Reply

this team is not as good as we thought they are… and of course Dline is the best on paper not on the field

    dillon Reply

    No David d-line isnt the best on paper anymore…we have cox and Graham that’s it lol

iTz ATL Clutch Reply

I give the Eagles tons of credit for a valiant effort even with some banged up guys on offense. Been awesome games to watch with the falcons and eagles the past couple years. Great game Philly 👍🏻

Surgie Reply

If we are going to make this Super Bowl run we are going to need better coverage from our defensive backs. Week after week they getting burnt. We need that kid from Miami Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Brian Mahoney Reply

    We need a Defensive Backs Coach. He absolutely stinks! They were pitiful in the Superbowl and ranked 30th last season. How this guy still has a job, after they fired trainers, wr coach and DL coach.. is a mystery. We have 2 rated cb coming out of college(jones), another cb that led then nation in INTs(douglas), a pro bowl safety, yet they look like bums under this coach.

Manu Lepo Reply

BREAKING NEWS: “Eagles have been placed on the endangered species list after mass casualty event in Atlanta”.

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    Oh Dear! I don’t like the sound of that!

    Juan Harrison Reply

    OMG…Die Eagles Die….LOL!!!!

Mind_Muscle_Connection 22379 Reply

Jesus enough with the INJURED FOR THE YEAR FOLES TALK. These are the ppl around the country that typifies the stereotype they put on us eagles fans.

Kyle Crews Reply

favorite part is mcown getting in there and driving down field

Jake Reply

Wentz passing to a rookie WR (second game of season) and # 4 WR. Defense is gonna focus on the run.

Comrade Crunch Reply

Look ma I made national Tv!

CardiacKip Reply

This team is beginning to reflect the anemic attitude and language of their head coach. I’m so sick of hearing…well, uh, well, we went out there and did the best we could but we just couldn’t get the job done. Or, I’m so proud of our guys for being resilient. If I had a $20 bill for everytime I heard the term resilient I’d retire to South Florida and hire a bunch of hookers. Da fuq! No passion. No fight. And no fire. Acting real bish made. This a talented group and there are ZERO excuses. And the offensive game plans have been atrocious…going back to last season. Uninspired football.

Ivan Beltran Reply

Injuries are a league wide problem. These guys get paid too much to be so fragile.

Marcus Francart Reply

Yes i agree with the slow start but wentz started each game so far with 2 differnt offenses ,thats why it started to pick up in the 2nd half ,wentz coached all the 2nd stringers thru the game on the sideline …game leader and was clutch …eagles fans are all over wentzs behind its all good yall we got that loss out the way needed that fire lit early in the year….jus my opinion sanders screen plays would be up on my plays list

Marcus Francart Reply


neetrab Reply

16 minutes in and I hope you talk about the run game later in the video. THERE IS NONE!!!!

Hector V Reply

Matt Ryan kept the eagles in the game and Atlanta swarmed the o-line. Tak, Beasley, Jones, Ricardo Allen with the hit stick. Eagles were lucky it was as close as it was.

Derrick Myers Reply


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