Phil Simms discusses decision to start Daniel Jones at QB – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Héctor Trankvila Reply


arturo mustang Reply

Good luck to Daniel Jones

Uso 684 Reply

Jones or Eli im still rooting for them… Best of Luck to our new Starting QB Daniel Jones..lets go #Giants

Fox Mulder Reply

Best of luck to Danny Dimes and the G Men !

Christopher Strebeck Reply


Ladell P Reply

So Phil would have been a traitor for the almighty dollar. As long as he was with the Giants, he was still willing to put on another uniform for some damn money. I am so disappointed. Eli wouldn’t even look right in another uniform. And if he did that, there’s goes my respect for him.

    The Veggie Burgers Reply

    Ladell P at least he was honest about it.

    Lemuel Sinclair Reply

    Eli is also getting 23mil for chilling with a clipboard

Michael Caywood Reply

I hope The New York Giants loses this year and every year for life. LET’S GO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! LET’S GO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! LET’S GO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! WIN! WIN! WIN!

airforceups1 Reply

Eli doesn’t talk like that…D.J time is NOW!!

EVO X Reply

Eli made way more money than Simss

Donnell Anthony Reply

Why haven’t the Giants made a move for. J.A.M… J.Ramsey… Jam n Jack dangerous combo cbs.

    Dakilla083 Reply

    Donnell Anthony whos jam

    Mace Windu Reply

    They have very little cap space. Plus, I’m can’t see the Giants signing Ramsey when they claim Odell was a locker room cancer, even though his teammates have repeatedly said that’s a lie.

    Donnell Anthony Reply

    Jalen Ramsey… (Just A Monster).. Jam. cus that’s what he do to receivers.

Universal Takeover Reply


Moonroof Reply

Phil Simms and Eli Thank you

Oscar Mendivil Reply

Sign Antonio Brown

    _kingtdog Reply

    Oscar Mendivil hell no. Giants don’t sign rapists. He’ll be a problem in the locker room. That’s the last thing I want for the giants.

    Oscar Mendivil Reply

    @_kingtdog he is good though and they traded obj so we need him

    _kingtdog Reply

    Oscar Mendivil I know he is but that’s not the giants culture. The giants culture is not to sign people who are gonna be a headache in the locker room.

    Q-Dawwg626 Reply


Audie Conrad Reply

So the Giants defense has more holes than a swiss cheese on a bagel and they bench Eli…so is Jones going to start at Cornerback??

    Luke Skywalker Reply

    Team is rebuilding. Very young. I love eli but if gonna lose lets watch d jones learn. Team isnt that good.

Open Mic Superstar Reply

If they were going to cut Eli this early why bring him back? Maybe we could have held on to Beckham or freed up the cap space to sign some impact playmakers on defense.
We have a historically bad defense that is actually stopping Barkley because we’re always behind so we can’t run. Wrong personnel, wrong scheme. I’m worried about Gettlemans inconsistent strategy when it comes to drafting and free agency.

Davon Griffin Reply

I believe in my giants who with me ?

    Q-Dawwg626 Reply


Q-Dawwg626 Reply

I’m ready for my boy Daniel MOTHERF*****G Jones!!!!!! LETS go Giants!!! I was excited about him weeks before the draft and now this time has come

Luke Skywalker Reply

I like d jones and think gonna be good. But first game agsinst tampa gonna be rough. Hopefully not too rough

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