PFT Top 30 Storylines: Can Mitchell Trubisky elevate Bears? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Top 30 Storylines: Can Mitchell Trubisky elevate Bears? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

The Bears already have a stout defense and weapons on offense, but their chances at a Super Bowl may rely on Mitchell Trubisky carrying them at critical moments. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk # #ChicagoBears #MitchellTrubisky
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PFT Top 30 Storylines: Can Mitchell Trubisky elevate Bears? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


Imagine if bears got patrick mahomes..him and cohen would have been insane

    Evan Device

    No…mahomes wuldnt have had alex 2 study under or nagy as his oc his rookie yr…gruden said he traded with the bears bcuz he thought out pics wuld b high…if mahomes is who ur thinkn gruden mite not of traded us khalil due 2 our forcast bein different bac then. Im happy with trubisky and think he’ll b just as gd n the long run

    Mitch The god Trubisky

    Im a Packers Fan Plue he dosnt have to be a patty M he has to be average out defense is lit πŸ”₯

    J Dolo

    Stfuo you son of a MITCH!


    Mitch is better. No way do we want patty!!!

    Katie Caddle

    imagine if the packers actually drafted better defense players then they’ll have more rings but then again brady has won with less talent then rodgers lol brodgers is trent dilfer

Insane Grey

Y’all are fr sleepin πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

James Holman

Mitch is going to kill it this yearπŸ»β¬‡οΈ

    Ibraheem Rao

    Do you think Mitch can be the first ever bears quaterback to throw for 4000+ yards in a season because I know he’ll most defiantly throw 30 scoring passes in 2019 because last season he had 24 in 14 games

    James Holman

    @Ibraheem Rao i dont think he will have to. Bears ran the ball 57% last season. That was with Howard and cohen combo. Montgomery fits better so expect more eff running game which frees up Mitch who should have better understanding and worked on his mechanics.

Sadiq Hough

After two seasons as an NFL QB, Mitch Trubisky has 31 TD passes. Aaron Rodgers had ONLY ONE after THREE seasons. I think Mitchell will be just fine. Stay tuned. That 6TD game was no fluke. πŸ»β¬‡οΈ

    The Man

    Sadiq Hough Aaron Rodgers was a back up for 3 season. Context is important here.

    luke Baker-Garters

    In Aaron’s first season that he was the actual starter he had 28 tds alone. His first 3 seasons as a starter he had 86 tds.


    ^^** mahomes & Rodgers both got to sit and learn a playbook. Mitch learned a run heavy terrible offense in year 1 & then had to learn one of the most complex offensive playbooks in year 2. Entering year 2 of the same system he is going to play just fine. 35 TD easy.. that is if our defense lets trubisky air it out!

    T S

    Are you actually this stupid? Is this a joke. Rodgers sat behind Favre idiot


    @The Man All the more reason for folks to be just a little patient with Mitch. First time NOT having a new offense to learn since college. See how he does. Has the tools around him

zooie z

i can’t WAIT to see how he handles his second year in the Nagy system. BEAR DOWN!

the oneyeduchiah

Os it me of the bears have received alot of bs this off season for a 12-4 team the madden ratings saging we had tye nuber 10 best D-line the Mitch hate lol vive the kid a break

John Pierre

I’m a realist. Is he gonna have Patrick Mahomes numbers? Not likely. But is exceeding 40 TDs, 4500 passing yds and minimalizing interceptions to only 10 a realistic possibility? Yes! If he does anywhere near all of those stats and the D remains elite, Trubisky could definitely win the MVP

    John Pierre

    @Berry Dingle why is that so hard to believe? Because the experts say so? C’mon man, most of these same ppl said he would be a bust and wouldn’t last 3 years in the league at the time of his drafting. Now he’s a pro bowler. The same guys that once said he’s a bust are now saying he is an MVP candidate. Ijs… So what are you basing you theory on?

    Berry Dingle

    John Pierre He made the pro bowl as an alternate after Brees, Rodgers and Geoff didn’t participate in the game. Also, nobody with a brain is putting him in the MVP discussion whatsoever. There is a reason he opened up with 200/1 odds to win mvp lmao. Bears will take a step back this season, just wait and see.

    Micah King

    Most of the so called experts who doubt Trubisky are the Same ones that said no QB deserved to go in the 1st round that year. He’s going to shock a lot of people!!

    John Pierre

    @Micah King agreed!


    Hope so. I got crazy odds money on that! Regardless, I want him to succeed. High character dude.

Wade Moore

I like Trubisky even if he plays for the enemy. That first game against the Packers he was maligned after the game in the headlines but he didn’t gaffe at all in that game. The last game against Philly he made some huge throws and scrambles, especially at the end. He’s proven to be a gamer that’s going to have to be reckoned with for the next ten years. I agree, his development is a huge storyline for this season but if I’m a Bears fan I feel as good as I ever have about my teams qb.

    Chris Gee is ANILORAC

    U may be the one Packers fan I likeπŸ˜‚

    Lotboy 1300

    @Chris Gee is ANILORAC πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ right

Reza Amirzadeh

At this stage this team reminds me of Seattle team of a few years ago. Hope they don’t give it to Marshan Lynch at the 2 thou lol

Maxx Bruno

Dont like how he says True-Bisky…sounds awkward

    David Medrano

    Maxx Bruno one of his many nicknames though lol

Alex Peterson

Trubisky is gonna be something bro y’all gone see.

youngblak Wall Street

This is for all you haters naysayers and doubters are gonna eat your words about the Chicago BEARS are going to make all you idiots look stupid 2019 is gonna be the bears are gonna be Superbowl 54 contenders πŸ’Ž in the rough this team gonna be very special 2019


Trubisky is goated πŸ»β¬‡οΈ


The sad thing with Cutler is that he would have gone to the playoffs more if he’d been healthier. Twice the team tanked in the second half of the season after he missed significant time. He started them off 7-2 the one year before an injury ended his season. The other time I think it was more like 7-4, but I can’t remember. Truth was that he was good enough to tease at a postseason but not good enough to make it consistently.

Now, on Trubisky, he just needs to fix his mechanics in regards to his hips. That should improve his consistency and in turn his overall play. Considering he’s surrounded by guys like Matt Nagy and Mark Helfrich, both of whom played qb, he should be in a great situation to do so. That’s not even considering their qb couch, Dave Ragone, who also played qb. If Trubisky cannot improve his mechanics with that much qb experience around him, there’s a problem.

Ibraheem Rao

I was shocked when Patrick Mahomes also was drafted ahead of deshaun Watson

Tom S

The title, “Can Mitchell Trubisky elevate Bears?” Trubisky won 8 of the last 9 regular season games that he played. I say he has already elevated the Bears.

    Sam L

    It’s the Bears defense let’s be honest here. That D is phenomenal last year and I don’t think they will get better or stay the same. Trubisky is a game manager middle of the pack QB. If the defense regress because Fangio is gone, I don’t think Mitch can carry this team. I think Green Bay will win this division. They got better on defense, they got one of the best Oline in football and of course Aaron Rodgers, the best QB if healthy, imho.

    Tom S

    @Sam L Have you ever watch a Trubisky highlight video? Trubisky scrambling ability is what has made the offense line so good. The pass rush realizes that they must come all together or Trubisky will just elude them. The offense has given up very few turnovers so that helps the defense. Trubisky was selected NFC player of the week and to the Pro Bowl. He has already broken a number of Bear quarterback team records. He is going to have fantastic season this year. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will.

    Sam L

    @Tom S that offense is not good. There is a reason the title is, can Trubisky elevate the Bears? Because he’s a game manager, he’s not that good. Maybe he will improve like Russell Wilson. We’ll see.I think the Vikings and Packers will have a better season than the Bears. Last year is a fluke for the Bears.

    Tom S

    @Sam L You seem like a nice guy. I will give a tip, you should not bet your prediction of the Bears. I don’t want to see you lose the farm.

    Sam L

    @Tom S I think I’m a nice guy lol. I hope I didn’t offend you. I’m just saying what I see. I don’t bet brother. Just love football. I’m not a Packers fan but I love how Aaron Rodgers play. He’s healthy so I think they will be great this season.

Trucker Mike

TRUBISKY is going to MITCH-SLAP EVERYONE By the end of the season πŸ‘‹πŸ‘ŠπŸˆπŸˆπŸ»β¬‡πŸ»4 LIFE 🏈🏈

Oggy’s Page

Trubiscut is the man! I believe he’s going to win a super bowl in Chicago!!

James Gall

Thank you for being fair in your assessment. So many people that trash Trubisky haven’t watched him play – it’s obvious in their comments.


The thought that Trubisky is only the 25th out of 32 starting QBs… comical.

He may not be top tier….but he certainly isn’t bottom tier.

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