PFT Overtime: Tyreek Hill’s future, Ezekiel Elliott’s mixed signals | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Tyreek Hill’s future, Ezekiel Elliott’s mixed signals | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio looks at the potential holdouts of Chiefs DT Chris Jones and Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott as well as the possibility of Kansas City trading Tyreek Hill. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #KansasCityChiefs #ChrisJones #EzekielElliott #TyreekHill
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PFT Overtime: Tyreek Hill's future, Ezekiel Elliott's mixed signals | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports SportsSports


I hope he more Jerry’s kids discounts pay like you weigh

big lea

Hard man lol

big lea

Not trading HILL

Chris topher

Why would you have to wait for the 1 year anniversary of Julio jones contract?

Deus Vult

@HowieRoseman go get Tyreek Hill for us NOW!!!

    Butch Davis

    Haha, wow

James Cowan

In 10 yrs they’ll be forgotten spodas. JS

James Cowan

Zeke will be arrested before he arrives or thereafter. Tyreek be gangsta.js

    Basiru Jabbi

    James Cowan Stop been negative

James Cowan

And New England thrives.smh

Proteus Augustus

The jets achilles tendon is their coach. They have the skill positions to go far. Same can be said for browns – they take their division.

    Ian Smith

    Proteus Augustus um you mean achilles heel?

Carmie Dognidon

nh m. m

Donny Fair

They’re gonna extend him. They have already said. You want the worse for this guy. God won’t let you get your wish. No matter how many times you harp on this.

DT Jones

Florio im still waiting on that “Dez Walmart Tape” you said was coming out. Just throwing out rumors for clicks and views

Dixon Rod

I don’t like this guy 💩


This is ridiculous. You were wrong about OTAs, chances are extremely good you’re wrong on Elliott here as well. But hey, people are talking about you.

Jeff TV

Dudes delusional, The Chiefs drafts Tyreek when nobody else was going to. The Chiefs stood behind him on the the latest incident. Tyreek will retire a Chief and have 5 rings.


    Not if the Mecole Hardman kid is a stud!!!

    Jeff TV

    Protector he won’t be on that level for a few years. That’s if he can catch cause he couldn’t in college. Good returner. But even if he’s a stud they won’t let Tyreek Go. That’s a once in a lifetime talent.

    OXY _ Vicious

    Nah not 5 as long as we have tyreek, Mahomes and a top 15 defense that would at least 7 rings 😂


He better report or the Cowboys will pull trigger on RB Duke Johnson trade…heard it hear first😊

    Gregory Brown

    Protector Zeke for Duke Johnson??? Yeah you’re smoking big rocks.


    @Gregory Brown didnt mean their trading Zeke…Cowboys are 1 of 3 teams interested in Duke Johnson…as well as Eagles and Bucs. Most likely just draft picks or a day 1 draft pick…

ForeverRanger 91

Hill is going to be in KC for a long time.

Dixon Rod

What a joke

Danilo Di Julio

Dude. You just keep heaping on the Hill hate. Lol


Your take on every Chiefs player that comes out of a dirty hole of mouth is wrong…

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