PFT Overtime: Rivers shares feelings on Gordon’s holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Rivers shares feelings on Gordon’s holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Philip Rivers said the Chargers are going to have to go with what they have at running back if Melvin Gordon continues his holdout into the season. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #LosAngelesChargers #PhilipRivers #MelvinGordon
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: Rivers shares feelings on Gordon's holdout | | NBC Sports

Terrance Hall

that’s why philip will never win a sb.

    Robert Hayes

    Rivers didnt even say it like that . This guys twisting words. Rivers said “We love Melvin but we gotta go with what we got”

    Ron Silvia

    It’s Gordon who is not loyal he knows the chargers are in contention for a superbowl run but decided to demand a new contract any dedicated football player would be focused on winning a superbowl its what all football players dream of winning its the pinnacle of sports and Is a Priceless prize but Gordon decided he would rather have money at this point in time and I got news for everyone with or without gordon the chargers are making a superbowl run and rivers is getting that ring this season

    William B

    Ron Silvia I’m with ya! They have too much talent to fall short this year!!!

    Some Guy

    @Terrance Hall no loyalty? Rivers could’ve bounced after the move to LA. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to go through life with such low IQ.

    Terrance Hall

    @Some Guy says some guy////

Justin Huynh

Todd Gurley was oroty and offensive player of the year…Zeke led the league in rushing…David Johnson was drafted in the 3rd round and almost had 1000 yards rushing AND receiving in one season…Melvin Gordon is not at the same level as any of them, he does not deserve the same money!!!!


    Justin Huynh Yes, you are correct! Only three RB’s in the NFL are making more than 8.5M. Melvin is about to make 5.6M in the final year of a rookie deal and holding out? He’s getting bad advice.


    Listen to yourself “final year of his contract” why play this year and get hurt and never get another contract, Melvin’s just tying to get his

    Tez Esquire

    Hurley ran behind a great line, Melvin is the only RB in the league with the most TDs and 1 downs against a stacked box of 8 or more players. His line was one of the worst in the league. The experts says no other RB does more with the least amount of help than Gordon. And Todd is the only person who had more TD’s. Zee has a great line, and Way more touches. Gordon was 3 yards shy of 1000…and was ready to come back that season but the team kept him out. Not to mention he holds a crap ton of records…like most broken tackles than any other Rb in the league. But he isn’t the same caliber….LOL


Philip Rivers just stayed the obvious! The Chargers are deep at RB. He said, “We love Melvin, but we’re going with what we’ve got”. What do you want him to say? “Ah shoot, no Melvin…season over”?

    San Diego

    Rivers obviously & clearly should NOT have said what he did !!
    all your other rambling above is merely deflection & denial of the actual issue here.

G Gutierrez

I knew this would get taken out of context and blown out of proportion 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Sebastian Soto

    For real anyone who knows Rivers knows he never puts down his teammates. Rivers was just saying that the backs they have will try their best to fill the role Gordon left which is legit what will happen, Rivers never said Gordon is replaceable so he doesn’t deserve the contract he wants. If anything Rivers wants Gordon to sign his contract and be back as soon as possible

    San Diego

    @Sebastian Soto anyone who UNDERSTANDS SPOKEN ENGLISH clearly saw the fact that Rivers PUBLICLY insulted & put down his teammate’s value & worth to the team here. Rivers ego & inflated self importance, is just one of the several reasons why Rivers ALWAYS CHOKES & LOSES IN PLAYOFFS. I’ve seen it first hand for over a decade now, INCLUDING last season.

Tez Esquire

No, i heard his statement, and it was very dismissive of Gordon. Rivers’ statement about Melvin that made a divisional rival, Tyrann Mathieu, tweet that he was surprised that Rivers said those things about Gordon. Gordon replied to the tweet saying “crazy right.”


Let him sit then franchise tag him next year and let him sit again

Tom Yazel

one good year and Gordon holds  out.  hope no one pays him and he comes back like the mighty Beast-mode and average 75 yards a game when he comes back and NO ONE CARES about M Gordon again.

Brad Jones

I think NBC Sports’ value is a little “blown out of proportion.”


5.6 million this year is plenty for gordo


    MDB yeah why should runningbacks get paid

Phillip Gillespie

Come on now….let’s not be disingenuous and take things out of context!🤬

Karen Louks

Football babies throwing another fit stopped watching football when they threw the first one and I love football

datruth hurts

Phillip rivers knows they still gotta pay Desmond,Bosa,not to mention Henry and Derwin down the road.Melvin asking too much if he wants to win.

    San Diego

    Rivers is the most OVERPAID player on team. So then, why isn’t Rivers giving some of his salary back to the team to use to pay those other guys? Does Rivers not want to win?
    PS – Rivers already KNOWS they won’t win…. because Rivers already KNOWS that HE will CHOKE IN PLAYOFFS AGAIN, like he always has his entire career.

forty one

If your not going to sign him why not trade him? Or you could be like Pittsburg and get nothing but a good team answering stupid questions all year.

Eric Farmer

Boycott the rigged fake NFL

j clm

rivers , go have another kid.your done

Anthony EagleElk

Lets win a superbowl 1st, then start asking for money

    William B

    Anthony EagleElk They finally have a winning season and now everybody wants Hall of Fame type paychecks!

Makoa Rios

Title says Rivers shares feelings, this is false advertisement. Where is Rivers sharing his feelings?


How is Gordon not an elite back??

El guapo del feugo

Gordon is really good

Frank A

Where was Phillip?

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