PFT Overtime: OBJ’s impact on Browns, Ezekiel Elliot’s holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: OBJ’s impact on Browns, Ezekiel Elliot’s holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio and discuss the early impact of . in Cleveland, the latest on 's holdout and more.
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PFT Overtime: OBJ's impact on Browns, 's holdout | NBC Sports

Pendu Hackz

Chris Simms is an idiot


Yep Kap would fit in that s hole of a city.

    Chuck Bizzert

    Except Kap sucks

    corey owens

    Two words nathan peterman

    Daniel Pejovic

    hahahaha W

Frank L

Those golf interviews were so good.. Great job

Carl Rice

Im kinda shocked that in tbis day and age teams dont have multiple plans in the case of holdouts. In the very least have their replacement already on the team or have an immediate idea that you need to pay this guy.

    Jason Michael

    I would agree with you, but t the at of the day, you have to admit that there are people that aren’t quite easy to replace.

    Carl Rice

    @Jason Michael true, but every competent GM should know who is too significant to let go. RB is usually an interchangeable position unless you have the best back in the league & i would argue that zeke more important to the success of the cowboys than cooper. But i believe the biggest issue they have is sticking with Garrett.

    Tony Shively

    Easy solution. They wanna holdout for a better deal, make them sit & dock their pay. They have already signed a contract that they are obligated to. Make them hold up to their contract or make them suffer. No extension, no trade & if you don’t play you don’t get paid.

    Carl Rice

    @Tony Shively and if you lose 3 straight?

Proteus Augustus

As a Pats fan; I’m happy to see the browns make a run for the playoffs. My fantasy team will have some

Steve Rivera

I really enjoy watching these two!

Edward Oorjitham

Browns defense flying under the radar. Go Browns!!

Roy Levy Jr.

Here we go Brownies, here we go…Roof, Roof!!!😁😁😁😁🏌️🏌️

The Sze Progression

lol, they’re on split screen but they’re in the same room, right beside each other.

    Noah Lancaster

    The Sze Progression they’re in different states I believe

Norwall Music

Great video. Fantastic job.

Cole Hedrick

It’s like Lamar Jackson the browns offense will be flashy a few weeks but once u figure it out it can be stopped

    Cole Hedrick

    Allstar9 L just watch this season they are a 9-7 team at best look at bakers stats vs teams with winning records last year, a first year head coach, a o line with holes, u can have wideouts that are flashy but if you don’t call the plays to get them open or the o line to block to let it develop with a 4 man rush baker will have less then 3 seconds to throw

    Cole Hedrick

    J B it will be flashy but not a playoff caliber team they can put up 300 400 yards in the air a night but can’t win close games

    J B

    Idk this team reminds me a lot of the 2005 Cincinnati Bengals. Ocho and TJ, Chris Henry deep, Rudi Johnson, and Palmer before the injury was playing at an MVP level.

    Willie Johnson

    @Allstar9 L : Pressure Baker. He had multiple 3 pick games, multiple pick sixs. I know the narrative is that baker is super accurate. But the reality is he is in the bottom third of the league in accuracy. His 14 picks were 2 less than the league leader in interceptions. Brown fans just can’t seem to understand that to the other teams in the AFC North the Browns personnel is nothing new. This is the division that had/has AB, Bell, Gordon, Mixon, AJ Green, Juju. Don’t get me wrong. The Browns have a monster roster. But they create no fear especially amongst the Steelers and Ravens. Besides, if the Ravens continue to have historical TOP Baker and OBJ never get on the field enough do anything of note.

    Brandon Price

    Willie Johnson Let’s just overlook the rookie touchdown record while not starting the whole year. Also let’s ignore the fact he had no true number one receiver. If you know the Browns record go and bet in Vegas . But of course your monies not where your mouth is. Dawg Check!!!!! Gtfoh….. moron haters I love it!!!!

mike s.

Double baker we still got landry and callaway with a 4.4 40yrd dash. So go ahead. Cant guard them all.


    Browns are a low team

Noah Allen

Wish baker ended up on the raiders …. such a perfect fit in every way

    G S

    Not at all. You enjoy Carr bum

Thomas Morgan

All those weapons and no Offensive Line…

    Brandon Price

    Thomas Morgan wrong.

    Wilbert Gross

    All those internet resources and you still won’t research.


    Browns O line was ranked 2nd last year 😂

Tjay D

I can only do this show when Sims is here.

Daniel Brown

Honestly not a huge fan of Florio.

Ivalina Passe



yes bring up kap not being on that team without bringing up the fact they called the owner a slaver owning racist before he was even turned down for the job

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