PFT Overtime: No Brady extension yet, Reed’s suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: No Brady extension yet, Reed’s suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio digs into Jarran Reed's suspension, Tom Brady not receiving a contract extension yet and more. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #JarranReed #TomBrady
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PFT Overtime: No Brady extension yet, Reed's suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

hassan B'reezy


FKG Savag5

They do Anthony for clout

Harry M Hansen


Edgar Ruiz

was this about hill?

Freddie Lopez

Tc Open


All those rings about to be undone by the owner.

Michael Wright

Reed never should have been considered suspending when hill was in the same room as his son when his arm got broken. I dont care who broke it. He was there. He could have stopped it. If anything hill should be booted out of the NFL if Reed got suspended 6 games.

    Austin Edmondson

    Michael Wright so we’re punishing people for being in the same room as someone who gets hurt? Lmao

    angel cabrera-marotto

    Austin Edmondson guilty by association

Austin Edmondson

Florio has all the information yet chooses to omit details just to promote his own opinion. Tragic.



Rob Host

Pay Brady $50m per year until he retires as a nice thank you for what he’s done


    What do you think Tom will do post football reckon he will do broadcasting as he has charisma

Will Valdez

The NFL is in the wrong here in suspending Reed, especially on the heels of not suspending Hill when there was no evidence in either case.

    Michael Murphy

    “No evidence?” I’m not sure about that Will.
    There was evidence. The question is whether it was credible or not.

Noah Allen

So cooper is going to force his way out of Dallas like AB ??? Why ???


    Not necessarily…maybe not even likely. But it does give him leverage in the negotiations

Janet Randle

Why didn’t the NFL tell Tyrek Hill if he didn’t want to be suspended, issue a release of the records. Also, we heard the threat to Hill’s girlfriend, so it is understandable she would not want to testify.

    Black Bear

    Janet Randle it wasn’t a threat and he was found innocent and the situation with his ex girlfriend back in 2014 might not of happened don’t believe what these guys have told you

    Michael Murphy


    Michael Murphy

    @Black Bear He was not found “innocent.”

Norwall Music

Football is the BEST! 👍🔥

Terry McBride

Fake news!


So Hill walks after breaking his child’s arm, but Reed gets 6 days. Brady got 4 games for a fake charge in Deflategate. The NFL is pathetic.


    agree hideous system

    Edward Ferguson

    Because he didn’t do it. The gf did it and lied

    Lou Zer

    Im a Rams fan i have no love for the Chiefs but get your fucking facts straight instead of listening to this shill, Hill was found innocent by not only the police but CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES as well.
    It was his crazy ex-fiance ho trying to set him up.


Dude…. stop with the plastic surgery


After what the NFL did to Brady it is clear they can do whatever they want.

Rico Alexander

Best explanation of the Reed situation I’ve seen yet. Well done!

Jerry Grudzinsky

What a man breaking a 3 year old boys arm. If the woman did it, Hill should have put a stop to it.

Ian Ballard

Florio keeps this narrative that the NFL “doesn’t have all the information”, as if Crystal Espinal would have given them anything they didn’t already have. Perhaps the NFL has a lot more information than Mike Florio has and their determinations are based on that information and not the testimony of a person willing to make secret recordings of men with the intent on incriminating and ruining their career. Are you really this ignorant, Mike?

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