PFT Overtime: Is Melvin Gordon overplaying his hand with Chargers? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Is Melvin Gordon overplaying his hand with Chargers? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

is hoping the Chargers give him the long-term deal he wants, but Mike Florio believes he's taking a major gamble by threatening a training camp holdout. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk # #LosAngelesChargers #MelvinGordon
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PFT Overtime: Is overplaying his hand with Chargers? | | NBC Sports

Sanctum Sanctorum

Give that man his money!!

    matthew foster

    Sanctum Sanctorum They have been.

    Joffy Joffa

    Naw the problem is he want TOP 3 back money he didnt earn that. He should be asking for good back money but TOP 3-5 he is not.

Steve Martin

Was Melvin one of the TOP 3 running backs in the NFL the last TWO years. Was he the TOP RB at his position. If so, pay him. If not, don’t. But if he holds out. He will hurt his TEAM.

    Ron Silvia

    Hes not hurting the chargers austin ekler and justin jackson are very capable of putting up the same numbers or better than gordon and don’t be surprised if you see an undrafted running back that is on this team step up and have a stellar performance the chargers have always had good running backs with the only exception being ryan matthews the chargers were prepared for this that’s why they picked up jeremy cox as an undrafted rookie just like they did austin ekler 2 years ago

matthew foster

Ladanian Tomlinson took less $$$ to stay another year. Disappointed Chargers fan here. Melvin wasn’t even very good for the first 2 years. Not sure if it was the O-line or both, whatever. The NFL has been under valuing running backs as of late, but these players make a lot of money either way. The Chargers have a good thing going. I guess he’d rather make more money, and play for the Bengals…… Since the money is all that matters.

Marky Ortiz

““To be eligible for the draft, players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season.” Most players who enter the draft are between 21 and 23. By the time they have finished their rookie contact (minimum, 4 years) they are 25-27. If you are franchise tagged once, you are now 26-28, franchised tagged twice, you are now 27-29 years old. No team is going to give even a star running back a 3-4 year , top dollar contract. The NFLPA during next negotiations, should remedy this. You could ban franchise tags for running backs, make their minimum contract 3 years and only one year of franchise tag, keep the four year rookie contract but if they meet certain benchmarks on their 3rd year ,they can become restricted free agents with their current team being able to match best offer. You know their shelf life is shorter. Teams should not be able to hold them hostage for their best years.

Paco A

for the 1st 3 yrs he was injury prone and not really elite in production, he’s asking for too much. I think if he performed like he did last year, then he was going to get the big bucks for sure.

Ron Silvia

Melvin Gordon’s hand is all played out time to follow that up by clearing out his locker and sending him on his way hes not deserving enough to be a charger let him waste his career away unhappy on a team that is not even in contention for a wildcard while the chargers are charging through this season in superbowl contention mode

    Tez Esquire

    Guarantee the Chargers will not go to the Superbowl if Melvin leaves.

Tez Esquire

His first few words ruined his credibility.

Captain Diggler

Chargers will draft an early round running back in 2020

Howard Abdul

LT what are your words in this???

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