PFT Overtime: Gordon overplaying his hand?; latest on Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Gordon overplaying his hand?; latest on Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio questions if Melvin Gordon is overplaying his hand, breaks down Michael Thomas' latest contract negotiations and more. #NBCSports #NFL #ProFootballTalk

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PFT Overtime: Gordon overplaying his hand?; latest on Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Edward Mason

What’s with the Christmas sounding theme music with PFT OT?

Danny Ogeda

Rivers will never win a ring

Jermaine Berry

Melvin Deserve what he believes he’s worth. This is about Money and if you gotta Miss some Practice with the Team then Do it. The team won’t Care to drop the guy should he tear an MCL or AcL what not… Quit acting like the Team is better off without their Player’s…


    Jermaine Berry what if he feels he is worth 18 million a year?

    Jermaine Berry

    @MrOasis316 Then that’s what he’ll be paid. Athletes sign a contract and once it’s Near the end of it or they’ve out performed it they should be compensated a Value that reflects that. And if everyone things Zeke should get a nice 20million deal then Melvin should get what Fair to him… Or is Zeke Elliott so great that he’s gonna win a Superbowl for his Team ?


    Jermaine Berry Zeek is a lot better though. Melvin won’t get over 10 even if he wants it that my point.

DC Blunt

These overtimes through the break have been great if only for the fact that there is no Chris Simms.


    Sims > Florio

    Lou Zer

    WTF are u talkin about?? Florio is a weasel

    Andy Straker

    100% agree – Sims never has an opinion of his own or anything valuable and well thought out to add

Bashur Khan

I think that the service is good enough

Sleepy Cummings

I love that they’re taking the time to explain this to fans that just don’t understand.

Chris Thompson

I dont care about Melvin, I want to here about Jhosh!

Joseph Marc

So upset that the Eagles drafted Arcega-Whiteside😩 His catch radius would’ve been perfect for Manning and the Giants.

Randy Bobandy

Florio is a smart man. I think people forget how ridiculous getting reps for starters in the preseason really is. I’m a Raider fan and if Carr goes down for the year it would be catastrophic to the entire franchise. Not only will we go 2-14, we’ll draft Tua first overall and then basically restart in Vegas. Same can be said about many other teams. DON’T PLAY STARTERS IN THE PRESEASON!

Jonathan Haueter

boy if you don’t think Gordon is special then you take the blindfold off

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