PFT Overtime: Ezekiel Elliott holdout, Texans’ mistake with Clowney | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Ezekiel Elliott holdout, Texans’ mistake with Clowney | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio looks at the possible scenarios with Ezekiel Elliott's possible holdout, the Texans' handling of Jadeveon Clowney's franchise tag and more. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #HoustonTexans #EzekielElliott #JadeveonClowney
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PFT Overtime: Ezekiel Elliott holdout, Texans' mistake with Clowney | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Steven Stoddard

The man has two years left on his contract and he’s going to hold out F that coach Belichick would never ever allow that next man up

    Cyprian Cox

    Hey Steven before I saw your post I was thinking the same thing. Enough is enough with this B.S. Let him hold out. Teams need to start drawing a land in the sand. How many championships did Darrelle Revis bring to the Jets as a result of his hold out.

    KingTomTheBomb YT

    Quoting Colin?

Always Chillin

About time someone acknowledged Christian McCaffrey #22

    Edwin Kubena

    Best player Panthers have

    John Chadwick

    If you think he’s better than Alvin Kamara you’re dumb

    Chop Chop

    Leave it to a saints fan to ruin the conversation! Lol

    Chop Chop

    Always Chillin everyone last year hyped up mccaffrey! He’s been acknowledged since he came in the league man! Lol


    BrewCity Badazz lol chill nobody mentioned color you did

Chris Ayers

Could you envision a Rookie Running Back Wage Scale?

M Hightower

People act like RBs die after 4 years in the league.. Why hasnt anyone mentioned the great RBs that played for many years at a high level. Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch, Ladamian Tomlinson, Marshall Faulk.. All bellcows!! Go ask Buffalo how they feel about letting Marshawn Lynch go after 4 seasons


    They don’t die but if you have a star RB usually the peak of their play is around year 5 to year 6 so if he waits he could miss out on his big payday. It’s the same for the QB who had to get that big deal usually coming off of the rookie contract.

    M Hightower

    @juniorimac I feel ya but there is only 1 RB out of 50 like Zeke

    M Hightower

    @R. William Comm Yup I agree 100% with you. I think Zeke is a generational RB so you’re right they need to pay him. I think the way to use him is keeping a young RB behind him and actually giving that RB some time in the game. That way you dont have a “RB by committee” per say but youre not wearing Zeke down too quick and you can elongate your investment in Zeke. I just dont see why a team would want to give away a player that analysts are comparing to emmitt smith, Erick Dickerson, AP, Ladamion tomlinson, I mean some of the greatest to run the ball

    M Hightower

    @Jackson Wheeler Thats not Lynch’s fault though.. Its pretty much been proven that Buffalo should have built their team around Lynch and the Defense just like Seattle did. Seattle went on to the SB, Buffalo hasnt been relevant since. and thats even a different situation than dallas. Zeke has proven he is gonna be good in Dallas for 3 years straight. There’s no unknown Zeke is good in Dallas and makes Dak, the oline, amari, and the defense better. Why trade him.

    James Harden The Bearded One

    @Jackson Wheeler what are you talking about dude ths man was over 1000 yards multiple times

Jason Emmons

how is Alvin Kamara not a special running back? He is probably the most talented of them all.

    Eric James

    Jason Emmons facts wtf is he talking about


    ummm saquon barkley has something to say about that lol

Isamel Madrigal

Just trade him 🤷🏻‍♂️

James Cowan

Let elliot go and keep the o-line strong.

    Ammo and Gear Deals

    Trade him if he is that great. Jimmy got rid of Walker and that worked out pretty well.

Robert Cooper

You really think teams don’t collude on who they should pay?? Not smart

Donny Knepper

This guy who hosts this show, he is good at his job.

    jebadiah fyefye

    Quietly one of the best. Not to mention his cohost Simms is really good too


Christian Mccaffery lol

Marci DeLaO

Go Zeke Go!

Words of Wizdom

Steelers will welcome clowney with open arms. And give him the ryan shazier treatment. We would love to have a top level veteran defender

Chase McBrien

Zeke has the most all purpose yards in the NFL since he has been playing.

I don’t see the Cowboys going far without him. The longer he sits, then the less likely the Cowboys make the post season.

jason m.

Let him walk. He’s a great talent. But you can get great RBs in late rounds or free agency. Besides if there’s no o-line, unless it’s Barry Sanders, doesn’t matter. And Zeke is no Barry Sanders.

Kenneth Pleasant

Ezekiel Elliott has little leverage. Much of that is because of what happened to
Todd Gurley. The things that he has done off the field doesn’t help his case.
Elliott is now in the top two of running backs in the NFL. What Dak Prescott critics
ignores, is that when Elliott sat of Week 17, Prescott passed for 387 yards and a
career high 4 touchdown passes.

Ben Houston

Clowney ain’t worth what he’s askin for. Simple as that.

DewestMusic 243

Sign Dak and Amari, trade Zeke!

Gage Byers

Dak Prescott should at least be an 84 overall

terry moody

Hey Zeke, this it what it boils down to! It is your troubled past of getting into trouble. I have followed the Cowboys since the sixties. It is by your own doings by getting into trouble. You need to straighten up, and fly right. Man you will never be as great as Emit Smith, the way you are going, getting into trouble all the time! You got into all this trouble on your on, and they don’t trust you! Do the right thing, and be a man for God’s sake

Al H

That’s so awesome Mike! Glad you got your A/C back!

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