PFT Overtime: Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill avoids suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill avoids suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio breaks down the impact of the NFL's decision to not suspend Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill and explains how the league came to the decision. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #KansasCityChiefs #TyreekHill
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PFT Overtime: Chiefs' Tyreek Hill avoids suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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shane taylor Reply

First to this BS before i even watched it.

Leftyab123 Reply

all i hear is crying here because he publically took that L for jumping the gun for rating

    atleti co Reply

    @Thomas Gavin he denies ever hurting his son after the audio tape came out. Maybe in his head he doesn’t think punching his son is hurting him. I’m sure he’s not throwing a haymaker. You’re right though. Nothing ANYBODY says on this chat is relevant. It’s just opinions. If you believe he’s innocent that’s your prerogative. Get his jersey if you want. I’m shocked that there’s people who think he’s completely innocent. I think they’re a toxic couple and I feel bad for their kids.

    atleti co Reply

    @Thomas Gavin enjoy the weekend

    Thomas Gavin Reply

    @atleti co nope, in the full unedited 11 min audio, tyreek specifically denies ever hurting his son. You never listened to the full audio did you?

    Thomas Gavin Reply

    @atleti co if you choose to believe someone is guilty, with no evidence whatsoever, while it’s your right, it also comes off as completely ignorant

    Thomas Gavin Reply

    @atleti co in america, and most of the industrialized nations, there’s this thing called the presumption of innocence. Meaning that until someone can prove you’re guilty in a court of law, you’re innocent. The fact that they never even brought charges tells any rational person there’s nothing there

ScubaStevo99 Reply

Next time do real reporting jackass. Don’t jump the gun, stop telling people how to feel or what to think. Report on the facts. 8 and a half hours of facts presented to the NFL show he’s innocent. Your feelings don’t invalidate that.

    Butch Davis Reply

    You see he had to switch up the narrative to make it seem like he never thought Hill broke his kid’s arm. He’s now just focused on the “terrified” portion of the audio to save face here…what a shame

    TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn Reply

    Butch Davis I see a lot of that going on right now. If you listen to that tape, the way she speaks to him, she’s the aggressor. She certainly isn’t scared after he says the ‘terrified’ comment. She goes right back in on him. If he was an abusive guy, I don’t think she’d be talking like that to him. He even has to tell her to calm down when she starts getting too loud.

M Merritt Reply

Still no mention of the full audio…

    Derek Smidl Reply

    This was my biggest issue here not talking about how there was a lot of questionable avoidance by espinal in the recording

    shaed1 Reply

    Florio had the time to research the TV rating back in 2016 but failed to research or account for the two court cases and NFL’s questioning of Hill that all find him innocent. Why charge an innocent man of anything? Also there in no way the NFL would risk another Ray Rice incident where they go light on a player only to have more evidence surface later on so my guess is the NFL did all there homework on this case and could find absolutely nothing. If there was even one thing that Hill said that didn’t add up or some piece of evidence (other than the altered tape) that made Hill seem like he did injure his kid, then the NFL would have suspended him for at least 4-6 weeks. So the fact that there is no suspension at all tell you everything.

    Matthew Reply

    @shaed1 Florio is just a clown.. hes no better than Colin Cowherd but atleast he backtracks on his statements

    ForeverRanger 91 Reply

    Doesn’t fit his narrative.

Andrew Kolb Reply

Thought you were gonna retire! “I can’t continue covering this league” get outta here

Jordan Crutchfield Reply

Sigh. Do people ever admit they are wrong anymore?

    Jim Partee Reply

    Jordan Crutchfield nope

    Mike James Reply

    Fake news media is full of sociopaths who are willing to make up bs for clicks. When they get caught lying their ego’s are more important than the facts. Florio is an absolute scumbag and people are finally understanding what a lunatic he is.

    sasquatch 747 Reply

    Mike James why are you so triggered about this?

    Mike James Reply

    sasquatch 747 lol I’m not, Hill was proven innocent all along and didn’t get suspended. I’m actually enjoying watching Florio pivot. He’s finally admitted police never accused Hill of injuring his son, now he’s down to out of context statements on an edited tape. He’s dying on this Hill and it’s glorious.

    Jordan Crutchfield Reply

    Mike James bro I’m with you. Sad what our country has become when you get your reputation decimated before the facts come out

Iam K-Tilla Reply

its eatin him alive

fwdfdfsa111133 Reply

It nice when a man can admit he jumped the gun and made a mistake. That doesn’t happen here folks

Big T.E.S.T Reply

I know these clowns are pissed😂😂😂 Oh well

    big lea Reply


Jeff Williams Reply

You promised you’d quit. Now quit.

MrFetus35 Reply

This idiot actually didn’t even get the phrase right, that he keeps referring too. Just plain stupid.

rooz bkhayr Reply

Just get off your high horse, Florio! You just can’t punish someone for something they’ve never done. It’s so stupid and outrageous to talk with 100% certainty about a case which Florio has no knowledge of! It’s so foolish of Florio to act as, Judge, jury and executioner!

Adolf Hitler Reply

Sounds like your hate is good join us I have a uniform for you

Lamalas Elansie Reply

Florio is such a clown. GTFO man. Want to talk about integrity? How about you honor your word and quit?

James Fitch Reply

lol NY flew to Kansas city to talk to him, this show is uninformed.

James Fitch Reply

a flaw to interview a beotch thats obviously setting someone up and records people to drive her agenda, and get’s her kid’s dad to plead guilty to a fake domestic (dropped btw). yea, why would the NFL listen to her? Whatevs.

Jose Bocanegra Reply

Confused, myopic Florio is wrong again. Florio should recognize how his desire to increase controversy and his flawed reasoning on this matter led him to be in fact wrong, and Florio should apologize to Hill and his own audience for how his muddled thinking led him to adopt an unjust, inaccurate position on the matter.

James Duncan Reply

Do your research people that woman is toxic

Seansofast Reply

If he was a real man he would admit he was wrong, and that there is no evidence against him, but oh well he’ll just continue to be one of the worst and most hateful sports analyst.

Hog Farmer Reply

Espinal refusing to interview tells you all you need to know. Tyreek was WRONGLY accused!

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