PFT Overtime: CBA talks stall, Julio Jones’ extension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: CBA talks stall, Julio Jones’ extension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio examines the contract situations of Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon and shares his early impressions of the NFL-NFLPA CBA talks. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #NFLPA #JulioJones #MelvinGordon
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PFT Overtime: CBA talks stall, Julio Jones' extension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

Pay my man!! 💰💰

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

    John Coffey you entitled to your own opinion but I flat out disagree with you, if you won’t pay a man of his character his level of talent his level of production then by your logic you don’t want to pay anyone. He’s not Odell or AB or tyreek hill or Zeke where you have questions about his character or skill or production

    John Coffey Reply

    @Jazzy Jeff Real Talk you’re right, he’s a man of high repute. But there’s an old saying that you’re only as good as the people around you. He’s one man on a 52 man roster. He’s not worth what 30 of those men are making. You can create a good game plan with him and you can create a good one without him.

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

    John Coffey he does more than that, he’s a captain and leader on our team, he coaches the other receivers and makes them better, he stands on the sidelines in practice after he’s done and works with the younger receivers for Dan Quinn, once again I don’t think you grasp how important he is on our team. He’s not just an Odell who shows up plays and that’s it. He’s a leader. He coaches as a player. And if you can’t pay the leader in receiving yards than you don’t believe in paying people period

    John Coffey Reply

    @Jazzy Jeff Real Talk You keep saying “pay” as if that’s the issue. If it was only a matter of paying the man then, by all means, pay him. It’s the amount of money though, that’s the issue. Is he worth the amount of money he’s asking for? I don’t think that he is. Leader or not, he catches balls. That’s what he gets payed to do. There are other players available that could give you 1000 yards in a season for one tenth of what Julio is asking for.

    Joey Chapman Reply

    Thats your man 🙈🙉🙊

HeyFranziska Reply

PFT getting me through the off-season

    Maria Cortez Reply

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nate k Reply

PFT the best.

Chris Ising -The Falcon- Reply

PFT is my favorite show love the commentary and I miss Chris Simms playing for the Bucs was always good for a pick when playing the Falcons 😄

Cody Paul Reply

Arthur Blank takes care of our stars, he’s the best receiver in the league. It’s a done-deal. Gotten the best out of him already? Dude is still an unstoppable beast. C’mon Florio……

    YSFalcons420 Reply

    Vipers Venom L

    Justin Frazier Reply

    @Vipers Venom Adams lol

    Vipers Venom Reply

    @Justin Frazier prove me wrong…

    Vipers Venom Reply

    @YSFalcons420 L=loser…sorda like the Falcons did in the SB….LOSERS!

    Justin Frazier Reply

    @Vipers Venom It’s all personal preference. But, if you were an evaluator of talent, skill and professionalism. You’re off your bonkers. Aaron Rodgers makes every receiver appear better than they are. Julio is wildly under utilized and still puts up huge numbers. Antonio Brown just got traded for a 3rd round pick or less. While maybe the most skilled, his value has greatly diminished because nobody likes him. Deandre Hopkins hasn’t done anything in the playoffs to be ahead of Julio.

Nick Reply

Okay honestly I feel this show isn’t as good without simms

    Vipers Venom Reply

    I think Simms ruins the show…

Mike Honcho Reply

Julio will always be in his prime. The man is a legend in the ATL. If he leaves, a lot of die hard Falcon fans will be upset. He still has 3-4 more dominant years left honestly.

    juju smith scahuster Reply

    Big fax but the man ain’t leaving

    juju smith scahuster Reply

    Big fax but the man ain’t leaving

    bhillis99 Reply

    Mike Honcho not always. He’s been hurt a lot. He also doesn’t have that killer will to win.

    Dxxminique Reply

    bhillis99 He doesn’t have a killer will to win? what do you mean?

    Dennis Fields Reply

    @bhillis99 I need an explanation on how you came to that conclusion.

Chris topher Reply

But Mike cant you resign somebody on their rookie deal?

    Chris topher Reply

    Like can the chiefs offer mahomes a long term contract tomorrow if they wanted to?

    Cody Paul Reply

    @Chris topher Yeah they can, but players like Mahommes would not extend right now anyway unless it was an astronomical amount because after a new CBA agreement is hopefully reached next year, the players are going to get even higher salaries and more benefits.

bigbuddah180 Reply

There will be a lock out and I’m prepared for it and other fans should as well…too many items being negotiated the owners don’t want to give least I highly doubt it

    Drake Marshall Reply

    It would suck for us but good for the players, these boys deserved fully guaranteed contracts.

Norwall Music Reply

Football is the BEST! 👍

DogManiyak G Reply

Please pay Julio We want him to be a Falcon for Life Riseup

Cbreezy510 Reply

These videos are all speculation no facts. I can go through all these scenarios in my head I want some actual news

Chris Edwards Reply

Julio is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down

    John Coffey Reply

    Julio should do the right thing and allow the team enough cap space to beef up the defense. That’s being a team player.

zac hannaman Reply

Is this dude for real? JJ is not going anywhere and is arguably the best WR in football, you saw very few people questioning is AB would play well with his new contract and he is way more of a question than Julio.

Chron Jeremy Reply


llltdesq Reply

Maybe-or maybe what they said is accurate and you’re just stirring the pot to increase traffic.

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