PFT Overtime: Brady’s future in New England, inside Thomas’ deal | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Brady’s future in New England, inside Thomas’ deal | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of PFT Overtime, Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss the future of 's tenure in New England, breaking down the massive deal for and more.
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading .com, offers his insight alongside regular guests, including former athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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PFT Overtime: Brady's future in New England, inside Thomas' deal | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Michael Gambardella

How did Florio not talk about the Raiders trying to go into Los Vegas with Tom Brady and AB as their franchise faces?


Jesus, Florio. Do you really think it is questionable whether Colts wouldn’t lose anything if they replaced Luck with Brissett?


He’d fail playing for another team, Period.

    Kevin Hayes

    He’s never made his team have to get rid of him stays healthy and wins trophies period

    Anthony Nunez

    32:1 shut your bitchass up

    Anthony Nunez


    lawrence taylor

    Your an idiot. Period

    Rafael Rodriguez

    32:1 tell me why

Daniel Odić

I am aware that an average American does not really care for anything outside the borders of the U.S.A. (ignorance is a bliss), but why is no one talking about the obvious international aspect of the NFL, that is picking up year in year out for the last 15 years or so?! Having said that, why is no one aware that Brady is the most recognizable US sports name outside the said borders?! Having that in mind, the popularity of said QB is far and above any other player in US sports, present and past.

    David Crimmins

    I know your average America hater thinks Americans are blissfully stupid and ignorant. That’s just badly masked jealousy or a result of a typically inadequate public education.

Brandon Alexander

What a stupid show

Sheldon Franklin

Dan. Snyder just nutted in his pants!!

Ibraheem Rao

Why is this even a topic

Luigi Cantoviani

Simms Rodgers main fanboy stalker maybe right on this.

TH3 K1NG43

He said like 5 teams that would be a terrible situation for Brady…all those teams suck. A team like the bears could be super bowl contenders, or the rams?! I know Goff is decent but Brady in that team ? That’s just unfair

Porter Fernandez

Wow, you guys really do know the Hawks… props to ya

Abraham Herrero

If he’s able 49ers will get him. For reals


Brady has earned the right to play out his career at NE.

Bunk Shaner

Tom Brady makes the team money. He’s still tops in Jersey sales. He puts asses in the seats. The fan base wants him. He’s not going anywhere. He’s taken less money every year and they need to extend him until he’s at least 45. He’s still putting up good numbers. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win. And they are still winning super bowls.

P Pumpkin

just came here to say i don’t listen to these clowns any more


if someone has to much sparetime can you please calculate if brady made the patriots more money than they’ve paid him

    Lord Clarke

    The Patriots were nowhere near the top of the Forbes list of Sports franchises until Brady became the starter. In Boston before Brady it was Celtics, Redsox, a huge gap then a toss up between the Patriots and Bruins.


    @Lord Clarke i’m not talking about value
    i wanna know about actual money (profit)

    Lord Clarke

    @salamipitza finding that exact number is impossible at best you find something in the ballpark but if LeBron earned the Cavs 500 mill in his first run then Brady has at least earned the Patriots a billion dollars


Raiders should trade Carr for him

opinion hub

I really like florio. I feel like hes very honest about his opinions and very consistent. Which is more than you can say about some other football talk show people *cough *cough skip Bayless *cough cough*

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