PFT Overtime: Bosa brothers win awards, Brandin Cooks’ health | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Bosa brothers win awards, Brandin Cooks’ health | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio is joined by Chris Simms on PFT Overtime to discuss how the Bosa brothers dominated as players of the week and the hurdles that Brandin Cooks may face in his recovery from his latest concussion. NBCSports ProFootballTalk BosaBrothers BrandinCooks

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PFT Overtime: Bosa brothers win awards, Brandin Cooks' health | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Ron Jeremy Reply

Bosa brothers > Watt brothers

    Cormel Reply

    3x DPoY > 0 DPoY

    Niners Robb Reply

    @Cormel Obviously he’s not talking all time. 14 sack Bosa Bros>10 Sack Watt Bros

    Blank Frost Reply

    @Cormel give it a few years, Nick Bosa might just win one as a rookie.

debs99772 Reply

The Bosa brothers both winning the defensive player of the week award is soooo cool!!!! Congrats Nick and Joey Bosa. 🙂

Jeff Cavanaugh Reply

Nicky Bosa makes us SF fans so happy man. Last time we were able to root for a pass rusher like this was the Aldon Smith era….

    Niners Robb Reply

    @Jeff Cavanaugh DB’s were kinda trash, Whitner and Goldson sucked in coverage and Culliver and Brown were always getting burned. We have a much better defense now(although Defo is no Cowboy and Kwon and Fred are not even close to 2012 Willis and Bowman)

    Jeff Cavanaugh Reply

    Isaac Martinez exactly

    Jeff Cavanaugh Reply

    Niners Robb Hitner didn’t make his name in coverage. Man how you gonna do my mans Goodson and Rogers like that…. /:

    Jeff Cavanaugh Reply

    Niners Robb Id take all pro Hitner and Goldson during that season over the safeties we have now. Love Tartt and Ward but those guys were something else that year.

    Niners Robb Reply

    @Jeff Cavanaugh Didn’t we let go of goldson and draft Reid to replace him? I still feel like we are better at DB now, I’d say D-line is better but LB’s aren’t as good.

orange badman Reply

Tiki and ronde maybe?? Idk have to look into it

John Kon Reply

The Bosa brothers both on the 49ers… yeah, it can most certainly happen

    El guapo del feugo Reply

    Chargers are all in in on joey, only way I see that happaening is if joey decides to take less money

Steve Dhi Reply

Can’t believe you are apologizing cause its 2 white guys… NBC sucks

    Steve Dhi Reply

    @Cormel look at you acting decent. They are out to get white people you ought to pay closer attention.. I’m good with em cause I’m capable … Example Omar breaks up a marriage no big deal.. Its sad white women are so scared of black women Pelosi says nothing ..a white liberal chick fools around with whoever it was ..a staff member Pelosi marchs in for a resignation.. NBC is packed with freaks… Just saying but thanks i think you were trying to be 😎

    Steve Dhi Reply

    @Cormel I’m not upset i just like messing with them… My life is perfect

    Steve Dhi Reply

    @Cormel Hope i didn’t freak you out…good luck yang is my guy now

    Cormel Reply

    Steve Dhi

    No lol, you’re cool. And good, I like him too.

    joshua batts Reply

    White privileged

Steve Dhi Reply

Legs and Butt …wtf you don’t EVER say that

El guapo del feugo Reply

Joey has better technique but nick is a better athlete

shinglesshingles Reply

If there was ever a way for them to both end up on the same team 🤯

    Isaac Martinez Reply

    Niners do have a lot of cap space to spend next season 🤔 hmmmm

devin2430 Reply

They did 2006

Jeremiah Mobley Reply

Might be the most annoying person in the football world

Michael Rabi Reply

Bosa better not holdout

    Montray Brown Reply

    Michael Rabi he might if they don’t give him the contract.

Robbie Cruz Reply

Only ones i can think is Tiki and Ronde barber or someone further in past

    MaxPro Reply

    Sharpe & Sharpe.

    Robbie Cruz Reply

    Yeah i can see that would have been more if Sterling didnt get hurt

MrBrenman21 Reply

I wonder if Nancy Marchand knew that her saying “poor you” on The Sopranos would be used on a sports talk show for eternity.

Blank Frost Reply

The Kicker situation makes you appreciate how great of a kicker Gostkowski is, even though he has been struggling for the past few years, that they didn’t even move off him. They even started going for it on 4th downs between the red zone and the opp 40 because he doesn’t trust the new kicker.

Buster Smith Reply

I really think Mike & Chris are great! Maybe not as flashy as some of the other sports Duos but they give so much substance with the right amount of smart snark. So great!

Ray Fabris Reply

lynch and Shanahan are not going to risk Bosa on offense,unless the end of the superbowl is a blowout with 2 minutes left.

Dan Berg Reply

Tiki and Ronde Barber. Idk if they did but…..

Mike P Reply

“Legs and butt are always my consideration when talking about good football players.” -Chris Simms 2019

Fabion Pettigrew Reply

The sharpe brothers

Leave a Reply: