PFT Overtime: Baker Mayfield seeks revenge, Le’Veon Bell’s workload | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Overtime: Baker Mayfield seeks revenge, Le’Veon Bell’s workload | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

In this edition of , Mike Florio examines Baker Mayfield's comments on and wonders if Le'Veon Bell will be able to handle the a big workload after not playing last season. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #BakerMayfield #LeVeonBell #HueJackson
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: Baker Mayfield seeks revenge, Le'Veon Bell's workload | Pro Talk | NBC Sports


Where is Simms????

    R.I.P OBJ

    @Q Crew hope everything is okay

    Jan Kozek

    @R.I.P OBJ They announced that it would be just Florio during the hiatus of PFT live.


    On a yacht doing bong hits.

    Q Crew

    @R.I.P OBJ He just came out with a video of him and Aaron Rodgers on the golf course

    Kevin Johnson

    On break

Steve Taylor

Florio solo. I dig it.

Drew Brickley

Great take on Baker ! That’s the mindset that changed the season around last year so that’s I’m fine with it


there is professionalism in business. Hu made plenty of money while being the worst coach ever he didnt have to go the bengals last year

    Dereck Baez

    LycanVonWolf the browns fired him you can’t complain at all.


    He can go anywhere he want


    Wherever was paying money

    Heath Reynolds


T Waddy

Wow … the contortions that this guy went through to try to support Baker’s Bull-ish Unbelievable!!! Baker is wrong … he is gong to get his. And these guys who are totally in the tank for Mayfield I just ask .. What gives? I don’t get it.


    Simply saying that he’s wrong doesn’t explain why he’s wrong.. There’s nothing that we, Baker supporters, need to defend if no one can explain why what he said was wrong.

    If it’s because what he said stepped on Duke’s toes, or may have hurt his feelings, we don’t care. It doesn’t make what Baker said wrong.

    Gary Moore

    They’re supposed to be practicing and Duke Johnson made it about him so I see why baker said what he said Duke Johnson should have done that off cameras

    Timothy Martin

    You don’t get it because he ain’t your quarterback you’ll never get it

    Timothy Martin

    The only way you’ll get it is if you get on the bandwagon you probably already on the caboose already

    Gary Moore

    @Timothy Martin nice one go Brown Baker Mayfield all the way

nate k

Thank You Florio for putting out PFT OT while PFT Live is on break until the 29th. Much appreciated. PFT, Florio, and NBC Sports FTW!

    Kevin Johnson


Chris topher

What drew lock signed his rookie deal and now is asking for a new contract before day 1? That is interesting

    Alexander's:First Among Equals

    Chris topher trush rookie

Simple Rick

Adam Gase is a psycho. He’ll F up Bell in some way or another.

    Gary Moore

    You’re right Jets ain’t going nowhere Sam darnold it’s no good he would be a good backup for the Chargers or someone like that

    Dave R

    Gary Moore you’re an idiot. And no nothing about football, if you think Sam Darnold isn’t good. Ridiculous take

    Timothy Martin

    @Dave R isn’t good just average

Unspoken Voices Inside Media

Wow, Media needs to stay out of NFL Players ability to obtain their value in the job market. The media never speaks about the income NFL Ownership is making in this league.

Eugene Poon

I am a big Baker fan but let’s not pretend he didn’t go do the same at college when he left Texas Tech to go to a rival school


    Texas Tech n OU is not a rivalry lol not even on the same level recruiting wise


    Yeah, they’re not rivals. Lol


    They are not rival schools. Just same conference. People kill me with this narrative

    Timothy Martin

    yeah but he wasn’t getting paid by taxes while we was doing it he was getting paid by Cleveland Browns and he’s coaching in Cincinnati big difference

Terrence Gibbons33

Vapid florio

Tomáš Bernáth

Attention seeker

Desert Hugh Freeman

Blaa blaa blaa… Mike! STFU!!!

Kevin Johnson

Chris Simms makes this show…Mike F just a lawn jockey

Terrance Hall

we have seen plenty of entitled white qbs……..nothing special.

    Timothy Martin

    Oh yeah nothing special

    Terrance Hall

    @Timothy Martin stop being triggered…we aren’t talking about black qbs.

    Terrance Hall

    @Timothy Martin he isn’t

    Timothy Martin

    @Terrance Hall just talkin quarterbacks in general ain’t put no race on them that you

    Terrance Hall

    @Timothy Martin no you did….i had context…

Tom Reichner

@1:12 “….. and now he defects to another organization.” No, Hue did not defect to the Bengals. Cleveland FIRED him. They forced him out. And then after they fired him the Bengals offered him a job and he accepted it. That is completely and utterly different than someone defecting. When someone defects, they choose to leave one organization in favor of another. That is not at all what Hue did. I honestly can’t believe that someone has such a distorted, twisted, inaccurate perception of this chain of events that they think there was a defection. Sheesh!

Orange Chicken 24/7

Baker is passionate. He truely cares about the browns. Hes going to say something if he feels someone has disrespected the browns. Examples being hue jackson and Duke Johnson.

Janet Randle

Baker should focus his energy on doing his job and not wasting precious energy and time worrying about Hugh Brown and Duke Briwn who Baker cannot control. It will be interesting to see how ”loyal” Baker will be when he and the Browns are at odds with one another over Baker’s future salary, or if Baker fails to perform well.

    Fred Fields

    Janet Randle – Hue Jackson and Duke Johnson, possibly? 🥴

BNAMusic88 _

I hope ppl revisit this analysis of Baker’s attitude and see if folks keep the same energy when others act the same way

BNAMusic88 _

I’m surprised Drew Lock isn’t getting the “You should grateful” treatment by fans that do that with other players

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