PFT Draft: Players, teams to be pessimistic about | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

PFT Draft: Players, teams to be pessimistic about | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft their teams and players that they're most oddly pessimistic about heading into the 2019 season. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading, offers his NFL insight alongside regular guests, including former NFL athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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PFT Draft: Players, teams to be pessimistic about | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Chase Abbott


Turtlz G

I like being one of the first comments

peanut Nola504

Chris Sims you can never be Drew Brees. You’re not even as good as your father was. You’re not qualified to criticize any quarterback’s quarterback Drew Brees will go down in history as one of the greats and you’re mad. I cannot wait to the Saints prove you wrong you sorry analyst. You and your sidekick

    peanut Nola504

    I just unsubscribe just because of this.⚜⚜⚜⚜

    peanut Nola504

    Drew Brees was second in MVP race. The team did not disclose that Drew Brees was truly injured. can’t wait to the fax come out. I guess he haven’t been seeing Drew Brees in training camp throwing 50-yard bombs with ease

    Terrance Hall

    he is still right

    nat X

    The saints are still gunna blow it in the playoffs


    Tighten up buttercups.

sneakerking 10

Tom Brady can’t throw a deep ball either 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Fraser Lamont

Mike with a very poor take on the Chargers here but a very solid take that I agree with about the Bears

Lance Kelley

The last 6 games they had injuries on the offensive line

The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

I am so sick and so tired of the media using a few games to say Brees is aging, while saying Brady is ageless when Brady has been deteriorating since December 2017.

The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

4:20-4:23, Mike says “Not everyone is going to be Tom Brady.” Um, huh?? Why do people think Brady is beating Father Time, and is ageless? Have people not been watching Brady since December 2017?

The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

Brees’ age 39 season: 74.4 Completion%, 3,992 Yards, 32 Touchdowns to Five Interceptions, 8.2 Y/A, 115.7 Passer Rating.
Brady’s Age 39 Season: In Three Fewer Games; 67.4 Completion%, 3554 Yards, 28 Touchdowns to Two Interceptions, 8.23 Y/A, 112.2 Passer Rating.
Media: Brees is declining, Brady is beating Father Time, and is ageless.
The Stats are pretty similar. Heck, Brees has a higher completion%, as well is greater in the most important stat, Passer Rating. That is with Brees airing it out 57 more times.Before people start foaming at the mouth about Brees playing in a dome, understand that Brady’s supporting cast was better than Brees. Yes, Kamera, Ingram, and Thomas are studs. However, Gronk did play some that year. JE11 is a beast. Amendola is no joke. Also, the Pats had Marty B. BB> Payton as a Head Coach. Also, the Pats were 1st in PPG allowed in the year in question as opposed to 14th for NOLA.

booby lool

So basically what he’s saying is if the saints have a bad season it’s because of Drew’s age but if they have another good season it’s because of the coaching?? Don’t get me wrong the coaching is great but seriously

Timothy Norat

Pessimistic teams? Pittsburg Steelers. This team will not make the playoffs next year. How can they be better than last year? I don’t see it.
Patriots superbowl hopes? Are they the favorites? Is Brady going to regress finally? Is the loss of Gronk going to have a major impact on this team? or will Billicheck’s coaching shine even more brilliantly? Who knows? I am not pessimistic about them, but I have some questions about Brady’s age and no Gronk. Cardinals? Will this change be a total flop? IDK. It could be the next Chip Kelly situation where “he did it in college” doesn’t translate to the pros. But on the other hand, this could be the future of the NFL. Who knows? I am pessimistic about the height of Kyler Murray actually being an issue. I think it is. I think his height is a big problem. Quarterback situation in Denver. Joe Flacco? I am pessimistic. I don’t see Joe Flacco having a rebirth, but I do think for Joe’s sake he needed a change of scenery. I also don’t think Drew Lock is ready to be thrown into the fire yet. Jets? I am pessimistic about Sam Bradford. I just don’t see it yet. Prove me wrong. I see a slump coming for him. I could be wrong. He finished strong, but the fact is overall he didn’t really have a great season. He was near the bottom of the league. 49ers? I am pessimistic. I think they might cool off. Teams have more tape on Garropolo now. Some mechanic issues have emerged with Jimmy G. I still like Jimmy G, but I am not seeing them as top notch anymore.

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