Peyton Manning’s Top 50 Most Legendary Plays of All-Time | NFL Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emperor Palpatine

Yes more football vids to get me ready for this upcoming season

    Slave Master

    Emperor Palpatine I’m seeing you everywhere

    Emperor Palpatine

    I am *everywhere*


    Emperor Palpatine so, you’re done with the petergoat memes?


Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that Nathan Petterman taught Peyton Manning everything that he knows.

Heartless PraNkster

So beautiful it’s amazing how they coordinate like that so beautiful

    Fred Leeland

    He was so good at throwing before the receiver was even open, probably best touch of any QB ever


    No no no.


I miss the Peyton Manning days😥

    Jay Stiles

    The real Manning and not that new york giants fella

    Terrance White

    Man I hated that dude in those Colts days. Thats why I became a Tom Brady fan. But when the Colts did him the way they did him. He became one of my favorites. Now I miss seeing him on Sundays. One of the most classy guys and best QB of all time.

    nalim lattarai

    Jay Stiles 2 super bowl vs team that drafted

    Camaro Guy

    I don’t.

Julius Hare

Before watching I know that fake where he ran it in against the cowboys is going to be on here😂😂

    Holden Morrison

    Julius Hare same


    @Holden Morrison no no no.

Brotherly Love Productions

No one did/does it quite like the Sheriff. One of my favorite qb’s of all time. Such a legend.


    No no no.


    @Thejasonshow Yep, all facts. Cry harder.


    @suckafool123huh no no no.


    @Thejasonshow Stop liking your own comments to cope, brother.


    @suckafool123 no no no.Good night sweet dreams.

Haden Moody

It was an honor to watch him play he was a true field general.

    sholove Sholove

    Think about how great he was. He made coaches better!😂😂That’s just crazy! How people put Tom Brady, over the Great Peyton Manning, is beyond me🤷‍♂️


Man, i love looking at these clips and seeing the decent amount of zip he had before the Spine injury. Thanks for the great football Peyton


    I rember when Dallas Clark was interviewed and said that it stings to catch Paytons passes.


    No no no.

Hector Rodriguez

Peyton Manning first Ballot HOF Class of 2021.


    @Rick Gutierrez no no no.

    Ridz 39

    Tyler G r/Woosh

    Eric Sutton

    Thejasonshow. YES HE IS. Without question


    @Eric Sutton lol,No No No.

Too Easy

Peyton Manning is the reason why the NFL is a passing league now

    Ya Boi

    Too Easy Favre and Elway too


    are you saying they changed the rules because peyton whined about them?

    Camaro Guy

    @mraulmadrid7 That’s exactly what happened.

    Sideshow BOB

    Im saying my favorite because im a steelers fan, but i can name a few like cam newton (as you said) steve young, kordell stewart, Michael Vick.a qb in my opinion should be versatile, not just a laser guided stationed machine that runs (manning and brady for ex)


    @Camaro Guy yeah I know. I thought op meant the same way but seeing the responses. it seems like everybody thought it was a praise


The game will bever be the same again! OMAHA! #18

Brian Erney

Best quarter back all time one day soon go in NFL hall of fame

Dylan Lima

This highlight reel is a great reminder of how much of a beast Marvin Harrison was


    @Andre Neale Lol,No No No.


    Lol,No No No.

    Ahmad Afif

    Don’t forget about reggie wayne


    @Ahmad Afif lol,No No No.

    Super Sports Plays

    Dylan Lima Dallas Clark too


Maybe not the GOAT but hands down my favorite quarterback ever


As a football fan, it was amazing to grow up and see him play. One of the greats.

As a Texans fan, it was hard to be on the receiving end of so many smack downs. Made Houston look worse than they already were.


The spiral on those balls were a thing of beauty.

Monkey D. Zoro

1:00 *He tried to pull the refs arm down to change the decision!😂😂😂*

    Chas Stack

    I saw that too

Joey Veloso

Peyton Manning’s all-time highlights, but also Marvin Harrison


Such arm talent & such brains to make everything look so effortless & coordinated under pressure. one of a kind truly

Praise-Emmanuel Diya

I’ve never watched NFL before but I can tell Peyton Manning and Harrison are really good at the game

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