Peyton Manning visits Brett Favre in Green Bay | An inside look at Peyton’s Places – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Clinton Reisig

Peyton, not only one of the best to wear a Broncos uniform, but one of the best football players in history. Thank you, Peyton for the great memories and lots of fun

    Terry Mchelmenfelter

    @SELF MADE, everyone forgets about Marino. What he accomplished in the era he played is amazing. For me the greatest qbs to play are Manning, Marino, Montana, and Brees. Superbowls are overrated and mean nothing when looking at an individual’s career. It’s a team accomplishment.


    Terry Mchelmenfelter And you don’t even mention Brady? Yeah, okay


    SELF MADE Greatest to ever play the game? Lol

    Terry Mchelmenfelter

    @MisterTwister, Brady is overrated imo. The best coach, played with some of the greatest recievers, great defenses, and oline. The patriots already proved they can win without him. He has always had a great team around him.

Charles Darks

Peyton is a treasure.

Doug Noe

Aren’t you Eli’s brother something!!!! Hahaha


Argue where he is as a top NFL QB all you want, but he is easily one of the best and most prolific personalities the NFL has ever seen.

    Christian Ramirez

    @Mike James Montana and Brady are better

    A smile on my face but a Demon inside

    @Christian Ramirez because of rings right? then i guess Charles Haley is the greatest LB/DE to ever play. Robert Horry is the greatest PF of all time. yep, its always about the rings.

    Christian Ramirez

    @A smile on my face but a Demon inside No, they are just better

    Mike James

    Christian Ramirez 1. Peyton 2. Montana 3. Brady all time. Brady and Montana are top 3 and are the greatest system QB’s of all time… Peyton was the fucking system. I’m a Chiefs fan and I despised PFM, but respected him as the 🐐.

    Domus deBellum

    @A smile on my face but a Demon inside no, because of all the HGH use after his shoulder injury.

A 2121

The one person who disliked this video…that’s right, the idiot kicker…Mike Vanderjagt.

    Gavin James

    @Mike James I was about to write that!!! Hey, Mike James… Quit stealing my moves!!!

    Justin Ward


    A 2121

    @Mike James A Norm MacDonald reference in a Peyton comedy piece…you just made this the best comment section ever 🙂

    jon rawls


    Matt Lucas


realist 4life

Not a colts or Broncos fan…but how can any football fan not love this guy!…dude can be funny as hell too.

    Richard Grace

    @Matthew Miller was more than three people…she pretty much made a career out of suing people…

    Matthew Miller

    @Richard Grace im not surprised

    Michigan fan

    He’s the most over rated. QB ever give me Brady any day


    Professor Wiesy nah Brady is humble and the goat. People don’t hate Peyton because he’s not a winner like Ton

    Fuzz 12/17/16

    You’re right, Favre is amazing

Cornell Green

Fifteen liquored-up kickers disliked Peyton’s Places!

mike de julia

The title is misleading. It’s only a very short video on visiting Favre. Are the full length videos?

P Bau

Brett Favre & Peyton Manning. Green Bay & Indy really screwed up not keeping them forever.

    P Bau

    @TheWompinator one or two more years & possibly two more titles in GB with him wouldn’t have hurt anything would it?
    GB was pretty much dead before Brett. Now you are a bunch of spoiled brats. Your best times are behind you.

    Aaron Seidl

    Acting like Brett would’ve won more in GB if they kept him 😂😂😂 he had his chance in 07 and he blew it in OT lol.

    Frank Grimes

    P Bau we built him a 15 foot tall statue, dude.


    @TheWompinator really? Cuz they went 6/10when he left n got beat down by a 40 yr old twice who use to start for them a year later…

Doug Smith

I’m not big on Manning.
Favre was so much fun to watch.
He was either gonna do something stupid or amazing.

    Tk Boyd

    Doug Smith sometimes, they happened at the same time!

    Tharen Gore

    @Tk Boyd lol truth

Joe O

Favre would have made that throw

Christopher Rivera

Bret Farve said they had named an alley after him 😂 😂 😂 😂

M Sizzle

Favre = My All-Time Favorite NFL Player. So fun to watch! 💯

Jason Thompson

Peyton Manning is by far the greatest sports actor/entertainer nowadays. Freaking hilarious!

Andy Le

This guy is the Shaq of the NFL.

Personalities and post career wise

Abhimanyu Baheti

Comedians on cars getting coffee: NFL edition, presented by Peyton Manning


Not a broncos fan but I sure as hell like and respect Peyton!👍🏽

Yooper Author

This video would have been incomplete had Peyton failed to say “Omaha” at least once. Luckily for us, he said it at the 3:05 mark.

Sick Mitts

Man I really miss this guy. A true and humble professional. He needs to be a OC in the NFL imagine him grooming a first round talent QB


That kid caught a pass from Peyton Manning!! 💪💪

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