Peyton Manning trains with Deion Sanders | An inside look at Peyton’s Places – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Boss Tank

You will do great Denver Peyton I’m a fan

Woelfi 45

Living legend

Flame Features

I’m going to be meeting Deion Sanders in August!!

Jerome Schulze

I want to see peyton in movies.. That would be awsome

Terry Smith

I like Deion alot, too. Peyton is a consumate professional. As usual, go Broncos!

Scott Morgan

Excellent idea for Peyton to be doing this. Let’s face it, These oldtimers that played long ago aren’t gonna be able to pass along this wonderful information and their stories of the game after they’re gone. Every NFL fan loves this kinda stuff Peyton’s doing. And I will say, I believe Deion Sanders is bar none, the most athletic player to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

    Michael Dick

    I don’t know about that. I’d have to go with Bo Jackson, just my opinion.

    ferf 2557

    Yup it’s Bo or Jim Thorpe.

freddie hall

Biletnikoff sounded like he was selling drugs

William Johnson

This is the same video

Indy Custom Made

“Raiders Legal?”. I know funny and this is funny.

    John Emberson

    Indy Custom Made YouTube funny?

Michael Arvin

Ha! The camera used to catch Belitnikoff smoking a cig on the sidelines.

Cornell Green

3:41 Deion Sanders was the reason that the league invented the term “shutdown cornerback,” because throwing in his direction meant that the ball was either incomplete or intercepted. Other DB’s had this talent (Night Train Lane), but the term only came about because of Deion. Mel Blount was another who came to mind, but he was too physical and wanted to knock out the receiver. So, yeah, Deion became the prototype for the shutdown DB.

kekoa hoomanawanui

All Time Greatest Audible QB

    Billy Cain

    All-time greatest quarterback ever


    @Billy Cain how many super bowls does Tom Brady have to win to change your opinion, 7, 8, 9 if he gets to double digits would you change then

    Billy Cain

    Super Bowl rings are just part of the conversation sure it helps but it’s a team accomplishment to win a Superbowl we’re talking about how one individual plays one position going by your logic Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino or Troy Aikman is better than Johnny Unitas if you’re only counting Super Bowl rings to be the greatest

jason deaver

Sanders and manning probably the funniest players of my time let alone being straight up ballers

Jeff Porcaro Groove

LOVE peyton’s passion and respect for the game and to get the past into the present…all those TV commercials taught him acting skills needed for good story to be entertaining…you can do both…inform and entertain!

Bruce Simmons

Favorite Manning answer when asked who was his favorite target, “Marvin Harrison, he could catch a BB in the dark”.

Chamberlain Achilihu

I guess drew breez will be around in sports for long time even if he retires cause he can do a little bit of any sports including basketball. I guess he can play soccer too just like Steve Nash can play other sports like soccer. I was just like that growing up but no great sports mentorship at a


Raiders legal 😂

Dave Hittinger

Will he do a segment on HGH?

Dustin Surprises

This is a cool video.


Stickum? —Lester Hayes—

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