Peter Schrager on Brandon Staley Coaching Justin Herbert, “I think Staley’s gonna have success” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Outdoor E-Ventures Reply

Bolt Up! ⚡⚡⚡

Showtime Leo Reply

Tom a cut throat ninja 💀

Joffy Joffa Reply


Mina Lim Reply

Thank you chargers for making football great again.

azma775 Reply

I feel like we got our Sean Mcvay now to pair with our Elite QB

    MediCali951 Reply

    So we’re gonna score 3 points in the super bowl and lose. And then Joey bosa is gonna cry?

    Ikaika Faamasino Reply

    @MediCali951 the opposite of that!!

    Sky Hunter Reply

    @MediCali951 considering we’ve only been to a Super Bowl once and lost in franchise history. I’ll take it lmao

    Tallon Jones Reply

    @MediCali951 oddly specific

JHC55 Reply

Hiring Staley has to be the best start of the year so far for me. Thank you Chargers for pulling this off.

ninja suda Reply

Chargers hire BEARS DL coach and rams LB coach

    Ikaika Faamasino Reply

    We comin 💪🏾

    ninja suda Reply

    @Ikaika Faamasino yessir💙💛⚡

Bolt Over The Pond Reply

Excited to see what he can bring with a second year Justin Herbert ⚡

sludgedisciple Reply

None of this matters if they do not fix both the O and D lines.

    Ikaika Faamasino Reply

    They gotta take care of the staff first. Look at the chiefs OL, their starters are 7th round or UD players besides fisher. The line is good because of the staff. Difference with us and them is where gonna go get the best coach and players for the position!

    sludgedisciple Reply

    @Ikaika Faamasino Right but the Chiefs obviously have better talent evaluators than the Chargers do then. Because our lines haven’t gotten it done. I have been a Bolts Fan for 30+ years, they have never made the lines a priority. Football is won and lost in the trenches. Period.

    Ikaika Faamasino Reply

    @sludgedisciple truth, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to draft the guys we need. It’s a heavy WR, RB and OL draft so I feel we’ll be fine. Staley is bringing together a great group so we just gotta trust him right now!!

Beastboy’s Highlights Reply

I’m pretty excited for next season!!

Mezmer S Reply

Man let’s get it Herbert take them to a super bowl let’s get it man ❤️🔥🔥

Jonathan Cruz Vega Reply

Bolt gang going up ⚡️ cant wait to see Herbert Vs Mahomes again 🏈

n g Reply

Genius coach will bring in smart coaches. Already has as of this week 🙂

Dingo Richards Reply

Really looking forward to Staley, the defense has really been underperforming relative to the talent that we have.

Jack Baxton Reply

I’m so excited for the press conference today

Chris B Reply

I’m so excited for Staley. I think he’ll help Herbert understand the disguised, clever defenses that Miami and New England threw at him. We have to remember that Herbert was a rookie and had WAY too little preparation this year. A brilliant defensive mind who has played QB at the college level should really be able to improve Justin’s understanding of the game and allow him to thrive this year!

Lyrix Diego Reply

all those loosing years doesnt matter anymore…we got Justin we got Staley……New Life 0-0 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Casarrubia Reply

If Staley is as smart as they say and he steals McVay’s offensive play book he should be able to help Herbert.

jonathan garcia Reply

I honestly feel like we struck gold. That offense that the league will try to copy

John Dydasco Reply

Justin Herbert did an amazing job, he reminded me of Rivers except without all the INT’s lol. I can’t wait to see Justin this year, hopefully we’ll have better protection for him and a much stronger defense!!!

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