Pete Carroll Wednesday Press Conference – October 19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pete Carroll Wednesday Press Conference – October 19

Head Coach met with the media prior to Wednesday’s practice to discuss the team being able to watch the Chargers Monday night game as a team, Dee Eskridge and his involvement in the Week 6 game, the rookies abilities to keep progressing, and injury updates on players like Travis Homer.

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Defender Of Logic

Seattle’s rookie class on offense and defense is crazy. Nothing compares to in game reps. And they are getting them early. Which leads to faster development and improvement. This is the ideal situation for team that is “rebuilding”.

    Johnston Corey

    If draft was today we would be picking 5th and 13th in first round. Could be a couple really good years again for us.

    Tanya Bailey

    @Johnston Corey franchise altering good.

Will holst

This team just looks locked in the last couple of weeks. I don’t know what Carroll’s doing, but every week someone new has a breakout game. This team could turn into something special.

    Justen Lilly

    lets not get ahead. i feel like it might still be a win one lose one season. they get to high on wins.

    Rampage_360Boba Music and other

    @Justen Lilly as long as we win a couple more than we lose we makin the playoffs fs

William Hollingsworth

Dare i say it, kinda looking like this defense with a few more pieces could be LOB2

    Ryan Ball

    We’re going to need to start coming up with a new name!

    The Truth As Eye Know It

    Diggs shattered his leg late late year and still isn’t 100%. Adams is out. If they were both here and healthy the LOB 2 would be a reality. Not only would the starters be playing at a high level we’d have incredible depth.


    Not yet lol. We are near bottom of the league 😂😂😂

    Ryan Ball

    @thepowerofmyth They weren’t at the bottom of the league against the Cardinals. Not that they will be great but they could be hitting a stride right now. They could be much better than the first 5 weeks.


Pete’s right, the national media sleeps on Seattle every year… We know what’s up here in the PNW.

Alejandro Verduzco

I like Pete’s downplay of the rookie class, stats are above avg due to playing time. I like that Pete let’s keep ‘em hungry

Chris Adams

Yo, someone gotta ask about how close Bo is to suiting up on game day.

13th Man

I will 💩 my pants if the Seahawks beat the Dischargers 😬

Amy Falcon

Gooooo Hawwwks!!! 4-3!!!! 💚💙💚💙

THETA MoonedMe

The team is what we call “gelling” 😌 gonna be something special

Seahawks76 BamBamKam31

Yeah Pete, Ya have any advice for Russell Wilson? Pete: Yeah Keep up the Good Work out there, our picks look mighty good next year. #Affirmation

Michael Crowhorse - Chavez

Coach Pete Carroll Has the Blue Print for The Leagion of BooM X the New RB Walker lll and 2 Gaurds to fill the holes with complete Oline. An The QB who takes Shots When He needs too on play action. Run Run Run ground yards. An D Boom Boom Boom Hureups Sacks Hawk balls out Bat always Pic 6 and more fine direct hits and tackles. We Are Forging Well….Go Hawks!


Can you imagine how insane our secondary will be when we have Jamal Adams, Q Diggs, Tariq Woolen, Tre Brown and Coby Bryant all playing at the same time together, after learning the defense for about a year? This could be the best secondary ever! EVER!!! If we can keep this line up together and they stay healthy…WATCH


    just gotta get a LB to replace cody and another pass rusher and we will be dominate.

    Sahib Sandhu

    @Daytimerocker yeah Seahawks can do that we got good draft

Dj Doc

Let’s go Seahawks!!!
Win or lose I am with it!!!!

Los C.

Westside’s the best side. Much respect to Pete and Seattle. Any given Sunday, may the better team win 😤⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


cant let any of this get to our head lots to prove. This game against the Chargers is gonna be a big test for us and I cant wait for it.

User Friendly

The hawk fans that kept sayin we should’ve kept Russell and let Pete go instead, where are you at? Pete gave y’all a superbowl and 2 superbowl appearances plus one of the greatest defense in history (LOB) and y’all wanna pick Wilson over him? Like Wilson didn’t take us to none of them 2 superbowl runs? It was always LOB. Put together by none other than Pete. Ya ungrateful sons of beaches. I seriously hope that’s not y’all on these comments sayin “ good job Pete” “You’re right Pete. “ get the f outta here. Give credit where credits due.

Cameron Robinson

Keep pushin positive coach!!! #Hawks4Life 💚💪🏾👊🏾💯💙

ryan richardson

Maybe finally getting the respect Pete deserves? Coach of the Year….

Risa Nach

Hope we keep winning and prove everyone wrong. No one talks about the Seahawks outside of the local outlets, but yes it will all change. #GoHawks



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